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  1. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out is a 10 out of 10. This is one of my favorite NES games. As a kid I struggled to beat Tyson but as an adult I can usually beat him in the second round. One of the keys is to play this game on a CRT. It is virtually impossible on anything else.
  2. Decided to play and beat one more themed game for Halloween: Castlevania III. This is my first time beating this one and it was a decent challenge.
  3. Beat the original Castlevania last night for the Halloween gaming season. Need to decide if I am going to try to fit in one more.
  4. I rented Utopia as a kid as well. That is probably the most obscure game I played as a kid and I used to love that game. When I play the game now I do not get the same enjoyment and have not played it in a long time.
  5. Finally found a good deal out in the wild. Looked on Facebook marketplace and the seller had 44 NES games and a NES-101 with all hookups listed for $280. Took the deal. Found out the zapper was destroyed and had a SNES charger rather than an NES charger but overall it was a decent deal. I needed about 20 of the titles which finally puts me at 199 NES games (closing in on magical 200).
  6. The first console I had was an Atari 2600 (Heavy Sixer). My parents bought it for my brothers but I played it until I was six or seven. My Dad wouldn’t buy me a NES until it broke. I was so glad that day finally came since several of my friends had NES’s. I think the only reason it died is we accidentally put an incompatible game in the system. Years later I got that system from my parents house and clipped the leg off a chip and got it working again.
  7. I played my annual run through of Super Castlevania for Halloween. Started this tradition several years ago since I never played the Castlevania series as a kid. As a kid I mostly played RPGs and some platformers but I definitely missed out. If I am feeling motivated might try to beat Castlevania on the NES before getting back to my backlog.
  8. When I was younger buying games on launch day was a must. However with all the day 1 patches, issues, and lack of content on some games I would rather wait till some of the bugs get worked out rather than be a live beta tester at release.
  9. Sorry for your loss. I haven’t gone through this but my brother has. Everyone grieves differently. If you are not ready I would not get a dog until you are ready. I would take the time to process the loss and then move forward.
  10. Never got into Call of Duty, Gears of War, etc. I am surprised at how much dislike there is of the Mother/Earthbound series. I enjoyed Earthbound but I could never get into Beginnings due to the sheer amount of grinding that has to be done. Felt like a demake of Earthbound even though it came first. Also, I have not played Mother 3 so I cannot comment on that one.
  11. That is awesome. Focusing on auctions or a seller than will actually bargain with you on a buy it now is the best way to get a more normalized price.
  12. Luckily my computer had a hard drive but it would have been a lot of disk changing if I didn’t.
  13. Currently at 175 and I have been working on my plan of attack. I am utilizing the rarity guide and bumping it up against price charting to see how to approach getting to 400. Hoping the prices will deflate on some of the filler while continuing to pick off some mid tier items. Some of the high end stuff is out of reach but we will see how far I get.
  14. When I was a kid Quest for Camelot came on 10 5.25 in floppy disks. I always thought that was interesting. Developers were working hard to make a very large expansive world while the media technology of the time created limitations that developers still pushed through.
  15. Rock Band was never really my cup of tea. I think it is an interesting concept but I would personally never play it. I am sure my son who loves musical instruments would really enjoy Guitar Hero or Rock Band.
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