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Gimmick! gets official re-release (exA-Arcadia)


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Seems that Gimmick! will get a release for the exA-Arcadia arcade system.




SUNSOFT’s master class in action platforming returns exclusively to the arcade with Gimmick! exAct☆Mix! With full compatibility with modern 16:9 LCD displays and legacy 4:3 CRT monitors, Gimmick! brings excitement and engagement to players, and big income to your arcade.

Gimmick! exAct☆Mix delivers smooth and detailed new graphics, an arranged soundtrack, and emphasized scoring mechanics to the NES/Famicom cult classic. A new Time Attack mode has been added, allowing for both new players to practice later stages, and for experienced players to compete for the best completion time. Stages may also be played in an alternate order with the Stage Edit function, keeping players of all skill levels coming back for more. Includes A1 poster, instruction sheet and instruction strip (Japanese and English).

Orders will be shipped out in the order received pending available inventory. 


Price for the system is SGD$ 3,549 (~USD2,600)

Price the the game is SGD$1,699 (~USD1,245)

Game + system bought as bundle: SGD$4.529 (~USD3,320)


Wasn't familiar with the system, but it's interesting indeed.

Wouldn't expect someone going all in on a new arcade system in 2020 - Going to be interesting to see, how far they can take it.

Their list of partners already at this point is fairly impressive: https://exa.ac/en/partners/?v=0f177369a3b7



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I feel like I've already exhausted all I can say about exA across a ton of ongoing debates, but in summary let's just say there are a lot of issues with it and the people running it.

Regarding the Gimmick remake though, Mike Moffitt who is making it is an awesome guy. I trust him more than most other people that could possibly undertake the project, and it looks like it really will be the ultimate version of this game. It's really too bad all exA releases have an exclusivity deal, so if a home port ever shows up it will either be in an altered form or way into the future. 😞 

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3 hours ago, tordur said:

@SumezDo you know of any venue in our part of the world that has an exA setup? 

No one in Denmark for sure.
Only one in Scandinavia I'm aware of is Sugoi in Helsinki, but I know a tiny handful of Swedish private collectors have invested, so some of those may be accessible.

Usually people have been getting it for Aka To Blue. (which btw has received a lot of criticism for input lag, but that's inherent to the engine it uses, not the PC hardware. Gimmick has been confirmed to have minimal lag)

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