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FO/FT: Boxed Mr. Gimmick (NES)


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Taking offers on this PAL Gimmick I've had lying around for a while, and might consider selling given the right offer. 🙂

Cartridge is in nice shape. Box is a little worn - most noticeable on the inner "flaps" where one is missing, and another is hanging loose (see pictures). Still looks great in a box protector though. The stickers on the box are original store stickers from when the game was sold brand new, so I didn't want to dare trying to remove them. Some collectors prefer that stuff intact 🤷‍♂️

I'm also open for trades to any other video game of a matching value.
Platform is irrelevant, but I don't care about expensive terrible games (so don't give me your stadium events or whatever 😛). I'm in the market for the good stuff! Arcade PCBs especially welcome.




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No offers?

Btw, just to clarify - I'm not looking for a collection of random stuff from your collection's leftovers as a trade for this. If you want to propose a trade, it needs to be something of a somewhat comparable value (possibly along with some cash going either way). 🙂 

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