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WTTF: Some GB Games


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Here are some of the carts I own but would like to upgrade, or variants I'd like to acquire.  This is a low priority, but I am interested in these too. Please note that the I am specifically looking for the variant in (parenthesis) for multi-variant games. Also looking more to trade for these, at the moment.
Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise (Electro-Brain Label) - (DMG-GQ-USA-1)
Battle Arena Toshinden (Copyright Details) - (DMG-ATDE-USA-1)
Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure (NO ERROR LJN LOGO) - (DMG-LB-USA) This one is very rare. Will pay more than fair if you can find a USA copy with a non-white LJN logo.
Blades of Steel (Konami Label) - (DMG-UB-USA-1)
Bonk's Adventure - (DMG-GK-USA)
F-15 Strike Eagle
Ghostbusters II - (Both variants needed)
King of Fighters '95
Kirby's Dreamland 2 (DMG-AKBE-USA)
Super Mario Land (Player's Choice Rated-E variant) - (DMG-ML-USA-2) 
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Major updates!  I went on an internet search outside of eBay and managed to find quite a few marked as good condition, and I can return if they aren't in the shape I'd hope.

I'll clear out the ones marked as "Shipped", but if you have any of those, feel free to PM me.  There's a chance that some of these won't be in the described condition by the seller, and I'll be returning them and back on the hunt.

Regardless, with all pending purchases, I've got 14 more to go!

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13 minutes ago, DarkKobold said:

I have a lot of random GG games somewhere in my house.

Also, there's two versions of Tumble Pop, Sunsoft and something else.

That's correct.  The original is DataEast.  I am trying to not only get a complete set, but I want every variant.  Tumble Pop is the only multi-variant title left that I need, that I have no variant of in my collection.  If you have one or the other in good shape, I'm interested.

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