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Wata DVD and blu-ray grading

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6 hours ago, DefaultGen said:

15 years ago: A boy finds a forum with a bunch of Nintendo nerds who like the same rare obsolete games
2024: The Dark Knight blu-ray 9.2 A+

To be clear this is a real tweet. I know there were memes about this when Wata launched 😆 @OptOut for good measure.


What, no submissions for HD DVD? Hard pass. 

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Does seem a bit silly for "WATAGAMES" to grade movies, maybe should be "WATAMEDIA" or something else now.

Though I blame CGC.  They are a pure greed company that wanted to expand into Games / Movies / VHS / DVD / etc just to simply under price the market and get a piece of the pie.  Only makes sense that Wata would follow suit after being bought out.  Word on the street is that VGA may expand into CIB grading formally too... because they see Wata / CGC making money off it.  Businesses are for profit so they go wherever they think they can make a little money.

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I think there’s some sense to the madness. I mean, I can see people trying to get a nice grade on some of their favorite movies. 

I’ll be more interested if any of the graded DVDs end up being a million bucks and to see if @Gulag Joe agrees with the prices.

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