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I’m in negotiations with user portobello for sqoon cib

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1 hour ago, portabello said:

Thanks all, I was confident to begin with since I've seen @skinnygrinny around for a while. Always nice to have some extra feedback from the community for a bigger sale. Much appreciated. This has been a grail item for me for a while now!

Don't let that cheap bastard shim sham you! 😆

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I've had multiple transactions with SkinnyTapeworm.  I assume the transaction's going through but I've been quite pleased and happy to leave positive feedback.  I'll probably buy from him again if/when I have cash and I see him post something I'd like.

That Sqoon caught my eye but it'll be a while before I would have the cash for that one.  I personally would have had no problem buying it from him.

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@skinnygrinny is a stand up bloke, I'd die for the guy.

I mean, he's no angel... there was that time we were hitchhiking down some dusty ol' road out in the sticks at 3am, outta our minds on moonshine, and he was singing this filthy song about @Murray's fat momma. But we've all been there... @Murray's momma I mean.

Anyway, what was I talking about again?... Oh yeah, Skinny! Yeah, that dude's alright, but don't turn your back on him. I once witnessed him shank a guy for taking one too many peanuts outta the communal peanut sack. I tried to tell him that the peanuts were for the circus animals, and the guy he was shanking was a fully grown African bull elephant, and that we weren't actually at a bar, we were at the circus, and that the guy who was "looking at him funny" was actually a clown, which he ALSO shanked, and I that was after I tried to tell him that he should probably put his pants back on and the growing crowd of crying children and startled parents was a bad sign, but you know, he won't be TOLD you know? He's that kinda guy, once he's had that many... Great dude. 💯

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