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Deniz and Wata on Pawn Stars

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More marketing and hype propaganda. 

In evaluating a price, they needed to go to a long time collector, independent of WATA. Too much potential bias going on, particularly when there was no mention of actual sales prices (only a verbal $300,000 offer was mentioned, but how legit?).

Still sticking to the million dollar asking price at the end, makes the guy seem like an attention seeker/price pumper/shill bidder, or all the above. 


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1 hour ago, oops said:

Did I hear SECOND print? pfft piece of garbage



also “its really hard to tell it hasn’t sold on the open market” didnt it sell for 100k on the open market?

No. It was technically a private sale. But, there was at least one offer that was higher than the $100k and change it sold for. 

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TIL Nintendo in the US only did the sticker seal from 1985-1986. Over here we had to suffer that lazy approach up until at least the mid 90s. Most of my original SNES games from when I was a kid still have their sealing sticker intact because I loved that it had the little Nintendo logo on it, so I would carefully wriggle it off with a flat knife to avoid damaging it.

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