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  1. Sticker indicates SNES version! still sealed. Will be sending to VGA soon
  2. I used google one drive you can edit it and its updated live and people can view it, you can also sort by console etc etc
  3. Not sure exact numbers, plenty of variables
  4. i think we spoke and you valued it over $100,000... not interested in that kind of evaluation.
  5. Looking for a mint complete copy of Aerofighters (Prefer poster) but if everything is mint I will try and source the poster seperate. Offering $3800USD please contact me with any leads.
  6. Good story Dean, I love to hear these crazy meetup stories.
  7. and if it doesnt fit in there case they will just remove the wrap.
  8. a guy with username guggles had 2 brand new ones that he sold, possible on NA
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