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  1. I think 10k is a pipe dream. the automotive series are WAY more desireable the colors and work is beautiful. this nickelodeon branding makes it rare but that does not equate value.
  2. Oh I would love to see some amazon statistics on sales over the coming months.
  3. Just thought I would see your opinion on the matter. Will the increase in people working from home also translate to increased online shopping. Or Will people tighten their spending/budget and things will slow down/decrease? I would love to hear your thoughts.
  4. Im just trying to give the guy the best possible guess. we both know there is likely some scuffing aswell.
  5. I really want the zelda box cutter. I have the killer instinct one. edit: oops was thinking letter opener
  6. I collect snes box variations and ces, alt, prototype boxes. any box different from release. I find it niche
  7. i would be very surprised at an 85 with that amount of creasing. I think 80+
  8. at the end of the day a plastic seam isnt the guarantee its legit, its part of it. Alot of the tells come from the box. Many factors come into play determining a reseal. Could you post detailed photos vs a claim of a “perfect H-seam”?
  9. Oh yeah, fair point. Your original post was a little confusing.
  10. your second photo would be considere “Made in Japan”, the labelling is correct. Made in Mexico VS Made in Japan.
  11. send one to each and report back
  12. I have a game graded 85+ and there is no way its anything short of a fluke
  13. IDSO Wild Guns Natsume Reg card. Pm me please if you have this. Willing to pay $50-$75
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