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Movie Debate #128: The Burbs

Reed Rothchild

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  • The title was changed to Movie Debate #128: The Burbs

I mean, I watched it, and I remember watching it.  It gets a few laughs and could maybe be confused with Money Pit. 5/10


This was at a time when Tom Hanks was put into movies to act kinda spazzy but soft and warm at the same time (or maybe I'm thinking of Money Pit).  From memory, he delivers a "typical" performance for that era of his career, but this is not one that would have gotten him any Oscar buzz.



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Editorials Team · Posted

I will say that Nothing But Trouble is one of the very few movies I watched with my sister and dad when we rented it, and then watched it again the next morning.  I never do that: I hate watching movies after such short breaks.  For whatever reason I did it with that one.

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23 minutes ago, Sumez said:

I love Joe Dante. It's from the 80s and has Tom Hanks in it, so it was probably called something else here.

Any of these ring a bell?

  • Argentina
    • S.O.S. vecinos al ataque
  • Australia
    • The 'Burbs
  • Austria
    • Meine teuflischen Nachbarn
  • Brazil
    • Meus Vizinhos são um Terror
  • Bulgaria
    • Краен квартал(Bulgarian)
  • Canada
    • The 'Burbs(English)
  • Canada
    • Les banlieusards(French)
  • Denmark
    • Nabokrigen
  • Ecuador
    • S.O.S. vecinos al ataque
  • Finland
    • Piru naapurissa
  • Finland
    • Piru naapurissa(video box title)
  • France
    • Les banlieusards
  • Germany
    • Meine teuflischen Nachbarn
  • Greece
    • Mia geitonia apithani(transliterated title)
  • Greece
    • Μια γειτονιά απίθανη
  • Hungary
    • Ami sok, az sokk
  • Italy
    • L'erba del vicino
  • Japan
    • メイフィールドの怪人たち(Japanese)
  • Lithuania
    • Kaimynai
  • Mexico
    • S.O.S., vecinos al ataque
  • Norway
    • Nabohysteri
  • Peru
    • S.O.S. vecinos al ataque
  • Poland
    • Na przedmieściach
  • Portugal
    • Vizinhos ao Ataque
  • Serbia
    • Комшије из пакла
  • Soviet Union
    • Предместье(Russian)
  • Soviet Union
    • Провинциалы(Russian, Alternative Title)
  • Spain
    • No matarás... al vecino
  • Sweden
    • En djävul till granne
  • Taiwan
    • 地獄來的芳鄰
  • Turkey
    • Meraklı komşular(Turkish)
  • Ukraine
    • Передмістя
  • United Kingdom
    • The 'Burbs
  • United States
    • The 'Burbs
  • United States
    • Life in the Burbs(Working Title)
  • West Germany
    • Meine teuflischen Nachbarn
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  • Confused 1
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18 hours ago, Reed Rothchild said:

No.  I can't imagine a ton of people here have seen it, especially in the last 30 years.

The Burbs and Nothing But Trouble were two movies that I always found somewhat disturbing as a kid and, for whatever reason, I also always associate them. Maybe they ran back to back a lot or something. Regardless, I never found either of them particularly enjoyable. I'm pretty sure The Burbs is actually decent, but I'm also pretty sure NBT is awful. Maybe someday I'll watch them as an adult, but definitely not any time soon.

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