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Club for people who live in Japan or people who plan on visiting.
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  2. Yeah, not being from a country that has an International Licence agreement with Japan is a bummer .. I'd love to drive places there when I visit, but that's sadly Not Happening
  3. Meh, I don’t give a shit what people think about how I look. The only baka gaijin’s are the ones that judge it without trying it. It was a blast and I’m glad I did it.
  4. I did not but I saw lots of tourists do it in Akihabara. Kinda makes you look like a baka gaijin imo. But it could be fun as long as you drive well and you don't mind doing more touristy stuff (and besides I don't have a driver's licence so I wouldn't even be able to do it)
  5. I got there with a JLPT N3 level and left on my way to the N2 (gonna take the exam this summer). I never really looked for GB stuff as I was focusing on PC Engine stuff but I found Game Boy stuff quite hard to find. I know there's a few rare games there as I saw some in showcase windows over there but I'm more well versed in PAL/US rares
  6. Google maps works great but make sure you get a data plan or pocket wifi. You should be able to get either at the airport or at Yodobashi Kamera
  7. Beyond Age. It's a soup curry place in Sapporo and I went there regularly
  8. Shit, I completely forgot about that thread, life got in the way. I'll reply now
  9. Google Maps worked great for me. The train system is incredible and so easy to use, I think my technologically inept parents could probably get around using it!
  10. Over the years on other forums, people have sent me PMs asking me to look for various obscure or rare Japan only things. Desert Eagle light guns, requests to scan magazines, look for some crazy variant, etc. If there is some special thing you're on the hunt for, feel free to make a request in this area.
  11. I use Google Maps all the time. It's very effective over here, just make sure you can either get international data on your plan, or if you have an unlocked phone, order a data-only SIM card and have it mailed to the airport before you get here.
  12. Damn that's some good fortune to pretty much get a private mario kart tour! How long were you guys driving around for?
  13. Two large groups canceled when I did it this spring so it ended up only being me and the guide. Had an absolute blast as he realized I’m a good driver and let me rip around more than normal people, plus we went fast, I got to essentially get 2 separate tours in 1.
  14. I used to see people doing that all the time and it looks like fun. I'd be worried about making a wrong turn and getting separated, but the guides probably pay close attention. I've heard that this is becoming illegal in a lot of places, unfortunately.
  15. Have you ever driven over the Rainbow Bridge in a Mario Kart?
  16. How fluent were you in Japanese when you moved there? Regarding games, did you ever hunt for Game Boy games and, if so, did you ever find a Tetris with the first ROM revision on it? The one with the different song? There's a lot of tell that it's "really rare" here in the west. However, I wonder if it's really that true, or it just seems that way because effectively getting stuff from over there to over here has a moderately high barrier.
  17. I plan on visiting in the next couple years (i.e. after the Tokyo Olympics craziness dies down) do you use Google Maps a lot to get around? I hear that's the Thing To Do..
  18. Ask me anything in regards to living in Japan, getting around and finding tapes
  19. This is a shop with a pretty impressive selection of games well outside of Tokyo. If you're in the area check out Guru Guru https://goo.gl/maps/P7K4FRVz9w9JzchWA Some of their prices are a little bit steep, but I did manage to find a nice condition copy of Castlevania III for about 2000 yen, and a CIB Zelda LTTP for like 1000 yen.

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