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  1. Thanks for the fun, folks! This was a great diversion from work and life stresses. I do love a good mixtape, and you all picked some awesome tracks. Here's my slightly-belated "best of" mix for the final day. I picked one track from each person's playlist that jumped out at me the most: AverageOliver98 - Hollow Knight, “Main Theme” fox - Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, “The Forest Poachers” Sumez - Sexy Parodius, “Vic Viper & Lord British’s Theme” Aguy - SNES Classic Menu ZeldaFreak - Final Fantasy VI, “Dancing Mad” (aka Mozart - Dies Irae) nesmaster14
  2. @AverageOliver98 How many tracks should we pick for this second list? And do we post them as a new comment/response to this thread? N00b here trying to understand the process. Apologies if this was covered somewhere and I somehow missed it
  3. Can people earn the Beat Every NES Game Participant badge if they participated this year? I contributed Destiny of an Emperor recently. And the NES controller is cool so I'd love to have one on me profile! Many thanks
  4. Thanks, glad to participate! Yep, I'm a diehard Koei collector, so either of those two have potential for me. But they would take a long time to slog through, so I may need a shorter palette cleanser first
  5. Thanks! Yep, I want to play through the fan translation at some point, too. There's also the other Capcom titles based on this manga license, like the Super Famicom one (where they attempted a Koei-style strategy game) and the two awesome beat 'em ups Dynasty Wars and Warriors of Fate. After beating this one I need a change of pace, I think
  6. Destiny of an Emperor Completed! My very first 100% playthrough of this game! I used this forum thread as my motivation to finally complete this classic Capcom RPG. It is a marriage of two games I adore: Dragon Quest and Three Kingdoms. Man alive, it took me way too long to realize how to play this thing. There are some seriously UNFAIR tactics (spells) like instant death, instant 100% healing, and the ability to block ALL physical attacks from your ENTIRE party. I don't often want to throw a controller in disgust, but several of the later boss-like generals were just too much.
  7. Some of my import games. I also have a huge pile of import game guides and music CDs, but I'm assuming those don't count. 25+ Import Games
  8. Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 Complete Started on Friday, finally finished it up. Played on SNES9X on Vita so I wasn't monopolizing the TV. For the three people who care about this game, here are the details: Scenario: 1 Difficulty: 2 Province: 5 Ruler: New Ruler, Female with Female Follower Final Ruler to Defeat: Ma Teng Items Earned: Black Dragon Sword, Moon Sword, Amulet (don't remember which one), Book (don't remember which one), Red Hare. Did not earn any rare items, unfortunately. But I did behead Cao Cao in the first 2 years
  9. 31-Day Challenge Hard Mode Inindo: Way of the Ninja, "Oath of Tomorrow" It's such a strange game and most of the soundtrack is lacklustre. But there's something intriguing about the prologue and music you get when you do not hit Start. Somehow it just draws you into the story with just music, text, and still images. I wonder how many people tried this game but skipped the completely optional prologue. After all, you only see it when you do not press Start. The track in question is #3 on the arranged CD: https://youtu.be/gjq6zKsrRcs Mega Man 2, Title Screen - I had to veto m
  10. Broke the game? Do tell! Yep, the NES one is tre good. Worth every penny of its ludicrous aftermarket price. But the SNES one has all the Hot Keys and you can swap to map with L/R. Much much much faster for blitzing around the menus. I also prefer each province having its own color for the ruler. Easier to see than the little flags. Very very cool to hear that someone else plays it still, too
  11. Playing the same game today that I've been playing since 1992: Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 on SNES. I've played other games but this one is the gift that keeps on giving.
  12. Good tip, thanks! How on earth does this work? You beat the game, upload the evidence, then there's some sort of contest? I was looking at that and my tiny little brain was confused about how it worked
  13. I wonder how many folks will say a pack-in launch title. I imagine it would be many folks' first? I wanted something interesting or exotic as the first one. Instead, mine is Combat for the Atari 2600. Not a terribly interesting first game, but it was fun
  14. That's cool, very nice! Do you guys let people join as a spectator, or do you mainly look for other players? Might be tricky to attend for me with kids and such, but will keep an eye on these in case I can join in some time!
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