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  1. Yeah that sounds quite cool!
  2. Yeah! This guide is my fave because of the utterly amazing comic art inside
  3. I am completely obsessed with classic video game randomizers at the moment. You? Is anyone else here as intrigued by these? Final Fantasy VI Worlds Collide is my current addiction. Playing or watching seeds. This FF6WC thing breathes so much life into this game, and completely subverts expectations. It's the kind of thing I'd love to have physical cards for. Like fave pro tournament run, etc.? What do you think? Am I alone in this unhealthy obsession? Just curious on people's opinions about randomizers and/or randomizer carts!
  4. I usually approach Kickstarter as a collector. Specifically I will only back a video game or board game if there's a limited edition thing I can only get as a Kickstarter backer. In the case of homebrew, I'm typically tempted by a limited print run physical copy. But I did back a few digitally instead, such as Nebs N Debs. I back for the cheaper digital copy tier when I'm just voting to say "yes please, great project idea, here's a vote and a tiny sliver of money". I think many folks have been burned by Kickstarter projects. I know it's been best for me when I just back it then forget it. The Kingdoms of the Dump campaign has been my favorite so far. There's a steady stream of sneak peeks on their Instagram and Kickstarter, where they post ongoing project updates. This makes it fun to wait vs. a nuisance. It feels more like I'm part of their process. TLDR yes you can
  5. Here's a stack of some my guides so far. Not a huge collection, but it's because I collect with a limited budget so I move slowly. My fave is the one on the Beatles. I never expected to see a Koei book about the Beatles. Part of the "Koei Cult Club" (whatever that is!)
  6. Glad to meet a fellow Dragon Quest fan! As for me, it's been a pleasure collecting Japanese imports and obscurities like @DefaultGen This year with all the Wata/HA hype zaniness happening it's been a nice to ignore it while I continue to focus on collecting things that most people likely aren't collecting. Yahoo Auctions is so much more fun than eBay! And while I've been focused specifically on Koei games, my favorite thing to collect from Japan right now are video game music CDs. For years I knew there Final Fantasy CDs, but I didn't realize just how many other game companies released not only "Original Sound" versions but Arranged and Orchestral versions as well. I've spent the last week cataloging Koei CDs in Airtable and it's been a strangely satisfying 10,000 piece puzzle to solve.
  7. Since my goal is to build a Koei Collection, I have a healthy number of their Japanese strategy guides. I also have a few non-Koei ones for games like Destiny of an Emperor 2, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy VI, etc. The super cool thing about the Japanese guides is that most of them are in that cool 'mook' format. Colorful like a magazine but the smaller form factor of a paperback novel. Like the one I attached for Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 They're the best. Maybe one day I'll actually learn to read Japanese
  8. Pleased to say I passed the 50+ Import Games milestone recently! While it's probably just a bunch of import junk to most... To me, it's a decent start towards my personal goal of building a Koei-focused collection.
  9. Thanks for the fun, folks! This was a great diversion from work and life stresses. I do love a good mixtape, and you all picked some awesome tracks. Here's my slightly-belated "best of" mix for the final day. I picked one track from each person's playlist that jumped out at me the most: AverageOliver98 - Hollow Knight, “Main Theme” fox - Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, “The Forest Poachers” Sumez - Sexy Parodius, “Vic Viper & Lord British’s Theme” Aguy - SNES Classic Menu ZeldaFreak - Final Fantasy VI, “Dancing Mad” (aka Mozart - Dies Irae) nesmaster14 - Shatter Hand, “Final Area" sp1nz - Dragon Warrior Monsters, “Never-Ending Journey” AstralSoul - Chrono Trigger, “Secret of the Forest” rdrunner - Final Fantasy Legend 2, "Heroic Tune" acromite53 - Sesame Street 1-2-3, “Ernie’s Magic Shapes" 0xDEAFC0DE - The Messenger, “Bamboo Boogaloo II (Bamboo Creek”) PII - Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu, “Levels 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 5-3 & 5-5” koifish - Wario’s Woods, “Practice Mode” And here is a playlist with all my selections (including the ones above): Looking forward to the next one!
  10. @AverageOliver98 How many tracks should we pick for this second list? And do we post them as a new comment/response to this thread? N00b here trying to understand the process. Apologies if this was covered somewhere and I somehow missed it
  11. Can people earn the Beat Every NES Game Participant badge if they participated this year? I contributed Destiny of an Emperor recently. And the NES controller is cool so I'd love to have one on me profile! Many thanks
  12. Thanks, glad to participate! Yep, I'm a diehard Koei collector, so either of those two have potential for me. But they would take a long time to slog through, so I may need a shorter palette cleanser first
  13. Thanks! Yep, I want to play through the fan translation at some point, too. There's also the other Capcom titles based on this manga license, like the Super Famicom one (where they attempted a Koei-style strategy game) and the two awesome beat 'em ups Dynasty Wars and Warriors of Fate. After beating this one I need a change of pace, I think
  14. Destiny of an Emperor Completed! My very first 100% playthrough of this game! I used this forum thread as my motivation to finally complete this classic Capcom RPG. It is a marriage of two games I adore: Dragon Quest and Three Kingdoms. Man alive, it took me way too long to realize how to play this thing. There are some seriously UNFAIR tactics (spells) like instant death, instant 100% healing, and the ability to block ALL physical attacks from your ENTIRE party. I don't often want to throw a controller in disgust, but several of the later boss-like generals were just too much. Sima Yi was the most frustrating, which is probably fair as he ends up being the end boss of the game. The ending is very anticlimactic. But hey, at least they include the entire dev team in the end credits! How awesome is that?
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