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Featured Member August 2022: Brickman

Reed Rothchild




Okay, so to start off, tell us what originally brought you to VGS and/or NA.

I joined NA around 2011 but I didn’t post much, I mainly lurked and bought and sold stuff. VGS is a lot more open and friendly than NA was imo. 

And what is the meaning behind your username?  Or usernames, in this case. 

Started with SHMUP because I really love the genre (especially bullet hells) even though I’m not very good at them. Then decided it’s time for a change and went with Brickman, this name relates to my second passion, LEGO.  

Is there a Mrs. (or Mr.) Brickman?  Kids?  Pet gerbils?

Married but no kids, unless you count our two cats 🙂

What do you do for a living? 

Short answer IT. Longer answer, support and whatever projects my boss throws at me. We’re a two-man team so I basically do everything from “have you turned it off and on again?" to upgrading our phone system. 

IT Crowd or Office Space?

Hard to compare because one is a TV show and the other is a movie. Both are fantastic. IT Crowd for all the IT jokes and Office Space because I think it captures office life perfectly. 

Do you and your boss have a small 2 man office?  Which character from Office Space are you, and which one is he? 

Yep with a goth living in a closet too. I think we’re both the main character Peter haha 

American The Office or British The Office?  ...or maybe Australian The Office...(?) 

An Australian office would be pretty funny. I didn’t like the US Office when it first came out, just thought it was another one of those series that they remade because the US wouldn’t get UK humour. But it’s pretty good until Steve Carell leaves, then it just goes downhill. The US seem to over stay their welcome with comedy shows and drag them on pass their prime. The UK Office is better though. 

What is your avatar?  I actually have no idea.   Though now that I look at it closely I'm guessing it's whatever a Blacksad is. 

Yep it’s Blacksad, I think he’s a panther. Anyone who hasn’t read the comics should do so! 

Gamer or collector? 

Both. This year I have been more a collector because I haven’t had as much time to devote to gaming but last year I did way more gaming than collecting. 

10 favorite games of all time, and the reasons why they're in your top ten.   Go.

Amazon.com: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 - PlayStation 2 : Persona 4 -  With Soundtrack, Game: Video GamesDark Souls - WikipediaThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - WikipediaSuper Mario 64 - Wikipediaimage.jpeg.aecb318239e29556e4c96bc3edcc9617.jpegAmazon.com: Metal Gear Solid : Unknown: Video GamesPS4 BLOODBORNE: GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION (EURO) - Walmart.comFinal Fantasy III (SNES / Super Nintendo) Game Profile | News, Reviews,  Videos & ScreenshotsAmazon.com: Chrono Trigger : Video GamesAmazon.com: Super Metroid : Video Games

  1. Persona 4/Persona 4 Golden. My favourite JRPG and game. The story is superbly written, every character is fleshed out, the dungeons are varied and interesting, the demon fusing is fun and there’s lots of side things to do. I don’t really want to give anything away story wise so I’ll just say that if you like JRPG’s and haven’t played this, stop playing whatever you’re playing and play this instead. You won’t regret it. 
  2. Dark Souls- While I did enjoy Demon Souls, it didn’t grab me like Dark Souls. I loved how everything was interconnected to the main hub and even after doing a slog through Blighttown you’d eventually come back to the main hub bonfire and see the characters you had interacted with along the way. The boss battles felt epic and varied, and even though I don’t think I know everything about the story, I loved it. This game isn’t as hard as people make it out to be, once you learn the combat it’s not very difficult.  
  3. Ocarina of Time- This is still my favourite Zelda game (BotW is fantastic though). The transition to 3D works well and the story feels so epic. The time traveling was an awesome concept and I spent ages just riding Epona around the field. I didn’t have a guide for this game, so figuring out some of the puzzles took me forever, but felt like a huge accomplishment when I did.  
  4. Mario 64- I think if there was only one Mario game I could play for the rest of my life this would be it. I think I could get the 120 stars in my sleep by this point. It never gets old. I think the transition to 3D was done very well, there’s a huge variety of levels and a killer soundtrack. It really was incredible at the time seeing Mario move from 2D to 3D. 
  5. Silent Hill 2 – This is still my favourite horror game. They did a fantastic job making the PS2 limitations feel like part of the story, like the fog covering up for the draw distances. The enemies are some of the best in horror game history (even to this day) and I love the themes the story touches on, that was definitely pretty ground breaking at the time.
  6. Metal Gear Solid- It's probably hard to explain how much of a big deal this game was when it came out. The cut scenes were mind blowing at the time, the story felt like a movie and the gameplay was ground breaking. Psycho Mantis is probably still one of my favourite villians and boss battles. I loved how it broke the 4th wall and mocked your gaming history on the memory card and having to switch your controller to port 2 was so crazy. 
  7. Bloodborne- What's almost as good as Dark Souls? Bloodborne! It took the slower/careful combat approach of Dark Souls and flipped it around. It made for a nonstop brutal game where being offensive was rewarded. Loved the gothic vibe and the boss battles were made interesting by having two phases.
  8. Final Fantasy VI- This is the game where I think FF really broke out from the RPG mould. FF 4 and 5 are fantastic games and rank as some of my favourites but this one just takes it to another level. The soundtrack is probably my favourite from the FF series and the story really did start taking JRPG’s in a new direction with the steam punk theme.  
  9. Chrono Trigger- Similar to what I said about FF VI really.  
  10. This was actually the hardest game to decide on because there are so many games that fit in the top 10 and I’d like to include them all. I’ll go with Super Metroid. I only finally got around to playing this for my backlog last year and loved it. I’ve always been a fan of Metroidvania’s but never played the one that started it all. Probably not much I can say that hasn’t already been said besides go play it if you haven’t yet.

Did you get a chance to try out P.T./Silent Hills? 

Yep really loved it. Still have it installed on my PS4. 

Give us a sneak peak of your 2023 backlog list. 

I’m doing badly with my backlog this year so probably some of those games. If I don’t get a chance to play it this year, Elden Ring will be at the top, along with some GC games. 

Game you're looking forward to the most? 

Breath of the Wild 2, I think they’ll take everything that was great about the first and add even more amazing features. 

Favorite item in your collection? 

I have the Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes Japanese Gamecube. That’s probably my favourite item I own right now.  

First game you ever played? 

Pac-Man on the Atari. My parents bought an Atari when they came out and I played that before they got me a NES and SMS. 

Favorite franchise(s) of all time? 

Persona- Love this series. I’m a big JRPG fan and this series has amazing story telling, great characters, some of the best game music in a series and I love the turn-based combat. I could probably spend all day trying to create OP demon fusions while Aria of the Soul plays over and over in the background. 

Dark Souls- I fell in love with this series from the first day I played it. While 2 and 3 aren’t quite as good as the first, I love them all in different ways. 

Final Fantasy- It's had its ups and downs but it is the first JRPG I ever played and I have to credit it for introducing me to the genre. 

 Favorite console of all time? 

It would be between NES and PS2 but I’ll go with the PS2. Both are great systems but the NES is probably biased a little more towards nostalgia. The PS2 I do believe has the best library in gaming so far. It has pretty much anything you could ask of it. The horror games and JRPG’s alone make it worth playing. Explore the PS2 if you haven’t done so, you won’t regret it. 

Favorite movie of all time? 

Mulholland Drive. I’m a Lynch fan and this is my favourite of his and my favourite movie.  

Explain the plot of Mulholland Drive in 25 words or less.

Is this even possible? 😆. Here is a very simplified version: An aspiring actress comes to LA and meets a woman who lost her memory in car accident. They set out to discover who she is.  

I was hoping you'd mention the Diner Cave Man... guy.  Least favorite Lynch film? 

Haha I was going to but that wouldn’t fit in 25 words. Inland Empire is probably my least favourite film of his. It was ok but it didn’t grab me like his other films. 

What if I told you David Lynch and I were both born in the same small town? 

Are you trying to tell me you are secretly David Lynch? 😮

You're a horror guy.  Name an obscure selection that everyone should watch. 

Newer stuff: The first that comes to mind is probably Martyrs (original French version not the US remake). Fair warning, it is pretty intense. Titane is an absolutely brilliant film that came out last year, highly recommend this one. A lot of great subjects explored. Finally, Possessor by Brandon Cronenberg (son of David Cronenberg).  
Older stuff: I watched Onibaba last year and really enjoyed that, it’s a Japanese Drama/Horror. Chopping Mall is an awesome B grade movie everyone should watch. The Burning is a good early 80’s slasher that has Jason Alexander. Pieces is a so bad it’s good 80’s slasher that everyone needs to watch.  

Favorite book of all time? 

This is a tough question. I’ll say that I have two equally favourite books. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, seriously read this book if you haven’t, it’s the ultimate revenge novel. Second is The Road by Cormack McCarthy. 

Favorite television series of all time? 

Six Feet Under. Amazing show about a family that owns a funeral home starring Michael C Hall (and other fantastic actors) before he was Dexter. The ending is probably my favourite ending to a TV series. 

Favorite member of the Six Feet Under family? I can't remember their name.

At the time I related with Claire in some ways but I think Nate had the best story lines. 

Did you cry when his... er, "thing" happened? 

Don’t think I cried but I was pretty shocked and then sad. I feel like re watching Six Feet Under now. 

Favorite song/album/artist of all time? 

Song- Strawberry Fields Forever 

Album- The White Album. Dark Side of the Moon would probably come in a close second though. 

Artist- The Beatles. No matter how many times I listen to them I never get tired of them. 

Paul, John, or George?   ...or Ringo, I guess.

John Lennon and George Harrison were the best songwriters imo and I really love their solo work too. Paul’s a good musician but most of his songs weren’t my style. And Ringo, well I don’t think anything needs to be said about him. A drum machine could have done what he did 😆

Best song on Dark Side of the Moon?

Us and Them but Time is a close second. 

Won't argue there.  Time is actually my favorite song of all time.  Arguably the song that got me into classic rock.

Excellent taste  I’d rank it in my top 3. Strawberry Fields, Us and Them and Time.  

Do you recall the first time you heard it?

Not sure when I first heard it, my dad is a huge Pink Floyd fan so I’m sure it was pretty early. But my first memory would be around 10-11. My dad had the Pulse VHS and played it religiously and way too loud. 

You're a metal guy.  Best metal album of each decade, go. 

Geez this is going to be tough. I’ll just start from the 70’s because that’s generally the accepted decade metal begun. 

A Night at the Opera (Queen album) - WikipediaKeeper of the Seven Keys: Part I - WikipediaMetropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory - WikipediaBlackwater Park - WikipediaZ² - WikipediaImpera - Wikipedia

70’s- I consider Queen’s early work to be pretty close to metal of that era so I’m going with Queen ‘A Night at the Opera’ but if I can’t say Queen I’d say Black Sabbath ‘Paranoid’. 

80’s- Now this is a tough era. This was a great era for metal. These are the three albums I had to debate over. Metallica- Ride the Lightning, Judas Priest- Screaming for Vengenance and Helloween- Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1. I went with Helloween, I just really love that album and could listen to it and never get tired of it.  

90’s- There were some good albums in this era too. Metal was pretty diverse in the 90’s but I think I’ll go with Dream Theatre’s ‘Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory’. This album was my first intro to Dream Theatre and John Petrucci is what inspired me to play the guitar.  

2000’s- No contest for me. Opeth – Blackwater Park. Absolute masterpiece. 

2010’s- Another no contest. Devin Townsend Project – Z2. I reckon I’ve listened to this album at least 200 times by now and I’m still not sick of it. Devin is a Canadian god! 

2020’s - we’ve just started but I think Ghost’s Impera is going to be hard to beat, unless they put something even better out by the end of the decade. 

Best Helloween song of all time?

A Little Time- Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1

What if I also told you I've never listened to Keeper of the Seven Keys.  Should my metalhead card be revoked? 

I had never heard it either until I met my wife, so we can both hand our cards in 

Best Dream Theater song of all time?

Stream of Consciousness from Train of Thought.

What if I told you I've owned half a dozen DT albums, but never Metropolis Part 2? 

I’d say get on it!  

Best Opeth song of all time?

Is this even possible with a band like Opeth? 😆. I’ll go with Reverie/Harlequin Forest. Such a great journey and really highlights how talented Opeth really are. 

What if I told you that the only piece of Opeth swag I own is this Harlequin Forest shirt... 

What if I told you I don’t own anything besides their albums! 

Best Devin Townsend and/or Strapping Young Lad song of all time? 

Stormbending from Transcendence.

I never owned that one.  In fact, most of my metal buying ending back when Addicted came out.  Sounds like I need to add that and Ziltoid 2 to my amazon cart... 

I think Amazon Prime has most of Devin’s albums so if you have prime you can check them out. At least they do in Australia. You’re in for a great listening experience 🙂

Best Ghost song of all time?

Body and Blood from Infestissumam

Well, I guess that means we can rule out you being a Christian. 😂  For the longest time I thought the lyric was


"Serving a side of son of God."

...ever been to one of their "rituals"? 

Haha nope. Religion isn’t very big in Australia. I actually had to google what you meant by ritual, turns out that’s what they call their concerts. I’ve seen them once and it was a great show, definitely one of my favourites. 

You mentioned you are a melodic death metal guy: In Flames or Dark Tranquillity? 

Dark Tranquility. I feel In Flames have continued to put very mediocre albums after Clayman. Reroute to remain started their downfall for me. They had a great run before that. Dark Tranquility have mixed things up through the years but I always enjoy what they put out.  

Best concert you've ever been to?  

Geez that’s hard. Probably seeing Roger Waters. Alice Cooper and Ghost also put on amazing shows so they wouldn’t be far behind. Oh and Rammstein were great too. 

Wine, beer, or liquor? 

I don’t drink so none of those. I do like cherry coke and Dr Pepper though. 

Coffee or tea? 

I don’t really drink either of them but I like a good cappuccino over tea. 

Favorite food?  Did I ask that already? 

Mexican or Colombian food. Probably Mexican a bit more. 

What part of Australia are you in?  I feel like Google maps implies everyone is pretty close to the coast.

I live in Melbourne, Victoria. Pretty much all the major cities are close to the coast then sprawl out. I live in the mountains about 35km from the CBD, it’s nice and peaceful. This is roughly the area I live in if you want to have a look around: https://goo.gl/maps/C64M5EWi6sNxZb6z8 

Crowded House or Split Enz? 

Crowded House. Both are great but I love pretty much everything Crowded House put out, Split Enz I need to be in the mood for. 

The Road Warrior or Fury Road? 

I really loved the story in Fury Road so I’m going to go with that.  

Russell Crowe or Hugh Jackman? 

Russell Crowe is technically New Zealand but is essentially Australian. I still like Hugh Jackman, just seems really down to earth. 

Yahoo Serious or Paul Hogan? 

Haha should this even be a question? Paul Hogan. He really sums up 70’s/80’s Australia.  

Hugo Weaving or Ben Mendohlson? 

Hugo Weaving. He is another who is technically not Australian but essentially is. He’s done so much for Australia and the arts. I love pretty much everything he’s done that I’ve seen him in.  

Star Wars or Star Trek? 

Star Wars. I don’t like Star Trek at all. Although, now Disney is absolutely milking Star Wars and I’m getting a bit over that series too. 

Which member of the Breakfast Club are you? 

I haven’t watched the Breakfast Club in like 15 years so I don’t really remember the characters that well. *goes to do an internet search*. Not really any of them, I guess Allison in some ways because I can be a bit of a hermit haha. 

Cricket?  Football?  American football?  Some sort of crazy Australian sport involving sharks, spiders, or snakes? 

Haha. I don’t mind Cricket, I like T20 a bit more than test cricket though. A sport involving sharks? That would probably be surfing haha. I like to watch it if it’s on but don’t follow it. I find Australian football boring. 

I enjoy American Football and try to watch a game each week when the season is on. 

First thing that comes to mind: New Zealand 

Brother from another mother. They’re our little bro 🙂

First thing that that comes to mind: the US 

Absolute mess. 

First thing that comes to mind: the UK 

OptOut? Haha. Probably the Queen. 

First thing that comes to mind: Japan 

Rich culture and amazing food. 

Does South Park make sense to you, or is most of it lost on non-American sensibilities? 

Yeah South Park is probably one of my favourite cartoons. They manage to consistently mock pop culture, trends and society in general.  

FMK: Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman, Rose Byrne 

F- Nicole Kidman, she still looks so good! 

M- Margot Robbie, because you get the M and the F and that’s a double win in my book! 

K- Rose Byrne, she's alright but we can kill her. 

FMK: Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt, Chris Hemsworth as 'Kevin'

Hahaha. I didn’t know who this Kevin person was meant to be and saw it was that Ghostbuster 2016 reboot so that can definitely be K. James Hunt F because it would be handy being married to Thor. 

Was that 'Dingos got my baby" movie accurate?

I haven’t watched it since I was a teenager but that story is pretty crazy. Dingos really did take and kill her baby and it was one of the stupidest blunders of the courts and police.  I’m glad she was eventually released and sued the courts.  

Stuff you collect aside from video games? 

Oh boy, this is going to be a bit of a list. 

LEGO- This is my second passion after video games. I tend to buy what sets interest me, doesn’t matter what theme. 

Garage kits/Model kits- I like painting garage kits/model kits. It started with Warhammer when I was younger but now I just find cool looking kits and paint those. 

Blu Ray- Recently started a collection of Blu Ray, I really love the stuff Criterion put out, so a lot of it is from that collection or horror stuff from Scream Factory. 

Manga- I've been really getting into manga this year and before I knew it, I had a bit of a collection going. 

Vinyl- Always loved vinyl and my dad had a pretty big classic rock collection which he gave me once his record player broke. I haven’t bought much in a while because, like video games, prices have gone a bit crazy on a lot of stuff. 

Favorite LEGO set?

10497 Galaxy Explorer and 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay 

I had to google them.  When I was a kid I didn't have much money, but my pride and joy was 6273 Rock Island Refuge.  My kids still play with it when I go back home.  Do you still have all of your childhood sets? 

Nice set. Original Pirates and Space are still my favourite themes. I don’t have any of my original sets unfortunately. They’re doing a rerelease of the Galaxy Explorer though which I’ve already pre ordered. 

Ever watch that LEGO competition show? 

Yep love it. Interesting fact, all the layout and images used in the US LEGO Masters is taken from the Australian LEGO masters.

Typical unoriginal Americans, amirite? 

Haha it’s normally the other way around. Australia normally just gets lazy and copies everything from the UK or the US. 

First LEGO set you ever got?

Can’t say for sure, but one of the earliest sets I remember having is 1498 Spy Bot and 885 Space Scooter when I was about 7. 

What does your wife think of your hobbies?

She is pretty nerdy too and works in IT so she likes them 😊 she says she prefers I buy games over smoking or drinking haha. 

Flight of the Conchords or What We Do in the Shadows?

Was never a big flight of the conchords fan. Love What We do in the Shadows. 

Thor Ragnarok or Wilder People or Eagle vs Shark? 

It’s a mixed bag for me with Taika Waititi’s movies. What We do in the shadows in my favourite of his and then probably Eagle Vs Shark but I didn’t like Thor (although I’m pretty much over Marvel movies anyway so maybe that’s why) and I thought Jojo Rabbit was an ok film, I enjoyed it but didn’t love it like some people. Haven’t seen Wilder People. I have heard Boy is good but haven’t seen that either. 

Favorite Werewolf memory? 

@G-type’s Among Us game was pretty epic and heaps of fun. I don’t know if he meant it, but due to the length, I really felt like I was stuck on a ship in space. I thought it would never end. Some highlights include trying to decipher the robots beeps with @Splain, shooting the shit with @Jeevan then him trolling me 😆 and trying to figure out how to clean those damn vents! 

If you could be meet one member of VGS (aside from myself, the obvious pick), who would it be? 

Haha I probably would say you anyway, you seem to have the most in common with me. We’d chill and listen to metal, watch some horror movies and play some SNES while debating our favourite King novels. But if we ignore you then OptOut would be fun to catch up with and is probably the most likely person I will possibly meet one day due to my wife's sister-in-law being from Taiwan, so we have free accommodation any time we want to visit Taipei. We’d probably chill with some N64, shit on Americans like @fcgamer, chat about the queen and he’d take me to weird Taiwanese restaurants. 

Best collecting find you've ever come across in the wild?

There’s not really a lot of great deals here like the US. The best is probably $10 for a CIB Ocarina of Time from a Blockbuster sale back in the day and for recent times I got each of the Labo sets for $15 each when Target were trying to get rid of them.  

Collecting holy grail?

I’m not really into super rare items so there’s probably nothing super super hard for me to obtain with enough time (or money) but having a complete Famicom and Super Famicom library would be awesome. 

Persona or Shin Megami TenseiFavorite SMT game?

SMT III Nocturne.  

3DS or Vita?

I think the 3DS has the more solid library but the Vita is also a great underrated system. The Vita TV was a great addon that they didn’t use enough of unfortunately. 

Favorite Vita game?  Aside from Persona 4. 

If we just stick to exclusives and ignore stuff like Demon’s Crown and Odin Sphere then I think Uncharted Golden Abyss  

DS or PSP?

The PSP has a really solid library but it can’t really compare against the Castlevania games, Mario RPG game, Professor Layton series, Pokemon, Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem, Etrian Odyssey games, Devil Survivor games, and that’s only scratching the surface from titles off the top off my head!  

What is your favorite DS game overall? 

Castlevania – Dawn of Sorrow 

Switch or PS4? 

Not even a competition. Switch. Being able to play games like BotW on the go is awesome and has meant I can game even more. 

N64 or PS1 or Saturn? 

This is pretty tough. N64 has a killer library with first party and Rare but then it dips a bit. However, it is a small library so technically it has a lot of great games haha. Saturn is fantastic if you include the Japanese library, if you don’t, it’s pretty average. PS1 has sooooo many great JRPG’s, horror games and just a better well-rounded library. This is why I would say PS1 slightly beats out the N64 

SNES or Genesis? 

What’s a Genesis? 😆SNES. The MD is great but how can you compete with the SNES library? Then if you include the Japanese library, it gets even crazier. 

Game I desperately need to cover in the debates?

Celeste! Although knowing the people here, most probably haven’t played it 🤣

Yeah, I've considered it many times, but the indies don't seem to get much of a response.  Slay the Spire was a total fail... 

Yep very true. Their loss 😊 I just had a look at your list. You haven’t done Super Metroid, Bloodborne, Persona, Super Mario World, The Witcher, Deus Ex, Neverwinter Nights, Baulders Gate, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Quake, FF 9, Double Dragon, NES Mega Man games, Gradius. I think that should keep you busy for a bit 🙂

Walk us through a day in the life of Brickman.  I almost said a day in the life of shmup. 

Woke up, fell out of bed, 
Dragged a comb across my head 
Found my way downstairs and drank a cup 
And looking up, I noticed I was late 
Found my coat and grabbed my hat 
Made the bus in seconds flat 
Found my way upstairs and had a smoke 
And somebody spoke and I went into a dream 

Sorry, I told you I was a Beatles fan. 

It is very boring, get ready for the most boring day in the life you will ever read haha. 

Wake up, study daily kanji/Japanese words in Anki, read game news, read finance news, read VGS 

Drop my wife at the station, go to work. Lunch time I’ll do more Japanese study or watch a show or movie, sometimes play Switch.  

Come home, do some more Japanese study (watch anime, read a book or practice speaking) 

Pickup my wife from work, help cook dinner. 

Watch a show with her/catchup on each other's day. Then I study more Japanese (normally reading or grammar practice) and then finally try and play some games for an hour before bed while she is watching TV (this is why the Switch is so handy!). 

The weekends we try and see friends, go out to a café, do some gardening, go for a hike or check out an exhibition if there’s something good on. Or some weekends we’re lazy and just watch movies all day. Not having kids gives you a lot of free time. 

We do try and go on holidays for 4-5 weeks a year so hopefully that makes up for our mundane life 🙂

Have you ever visited Japan?

Not yet. We were planning to in 2020 but covid prevented that. We plan to visit for about 4-5 weeks next year. Can’t wait! 

How close to fluency are you? (learning Japanese) 

I’m still a long way off but each month I can see my progress improving. I’m a lot more comfortable with reading and can read a lot of manga that is slice of life orientated, game manuals are also great for reading practice 😊 Speaking, I haven’t really put enough time into because I don’t have anyone to speak to but I plan to try and find a tutor to focus on improving that. It’s a really fun language to learn 😊 

Weirdest rated PG-13 dream that you can remember?  And for the record, this question is from Gloves. 

Why does @Gloves want to know about my dreams? I don’t remember my dreams so I don’t really have anything to say. I do still sleep walk though, the weirdest place I’ve ended up so far is in my closest haha. 

Let's switch the roles. You get to ask me one question.  Go. 

Oh good pay back time! Your top 10 games of all time and why. Go! 

Brutal.  And poetic.

(a month later)

This is off the top of my head, so I'm probably forgetting something, and I'm excluding 3 SNES games so as to avoid spoiling where I have them ranked.  So I replaced them with the #11-13 games.

Myth: The Fallen Lords - An early RTS game from Bungie that came out in the wake of Warcraft II and the C&C games, alongside stuff like Starcraft and Age of Empires.  Except, while all of those games task you with building units, collecting resources, investing in infastructure and upgrades, the Myth series is solely about battle tactics.  You start with a squad of units, and you have to make them last for the entire mission.  Kinda similar to later games like Dawn of War.  But these are way better.  Endlessly deep, and fiendishly difficult, they're also some of the very first truly 3D RTS games, letting you rotate the camera and zoom in and out.  The story in TFL is also one of my absolute favorites in all of gaming.  Telling a bleak high fantasy tale about mankind's final stand against the forces of the darkness, and the last-ditch suicide mission they undertake in order strike at heart of the enemy.  This is arguably my favorite game of all time.

Myth II: Soulblighter - The sequel, where everything is refined, the missions are more elaborate and creative, and you get more of everything.  Granted, the story doesn't quite reach the high marks of the first game, but it's still amazingly good.  I've heard Bungie basically re-told it as the basis for Destiny.  Almost makes me want to check that franchise out.  But what IS better than the original game is the groundbreaking multiplayer.  Basically a battle royale against 1-7 other opponents, it had an early ranking system, with various insanely fun modes of play (capture the flag, king of the hill, etc.).  But, most importantly of all, the game shipped with the complete game-making tools that the developers used, so there was an incredible mod scene, including my favorite mod of all time: WW2 recon.  Recon is my favorite multiplayer of all time, bar none.  I've had to force myself to uninstall Myth 2 multiple times so that I was forced to do other things with my life, because I would play for 8 hours a time.  I would literally kill for a remastered version of Recon, with an active community.

Ocarina of Time - This is the single reason I chose an N64 over a PS1 back in 7th grade when I was given a choice of console for a Christmas present.  And as much as I was hungering for Metal Gear Solid, and the Final Fantasy games, and Symphony of the Night, and everything else, Ocarina is ultimately what moved the needle for me.  And it wasn't a bad decision.  I obsessed over the game from day one, playing hours and hours at a time, getting a full 100% completion, and then immediately starting over and doing it again.  And I never do that with games.  Some people complain about this game showing it's age nowadays, but I don't see it.  Still plays like a dream.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - For being the best Metroidvania of all time, and creating a new term that endlessly triggers people.  And for looking and sounding so damn good.  I played this game on a kiosk for like a billion years, and I never played on kiosks.

Ikaruga - I see this game when I close my eyes at night.  Kinda like when you see falling Tetroids after playing too much Tetris, except with hypnotic black and white patterns and shit blowing up.

Total Annihilation - The great soundtrack of all time.  The greatest expansion pack (DLC, for you kids) of all time.  The greatest unit set of all time.  The greatest RTS controls of all time.  The greatest interface of all time.  The greatest naval battles of all time.  The greatest artillery battles of all time.  The greatest bombing runs of all time.  The greatest... you get the picture.

Heroes of Might & Magic III - This is probably the most addictive and approachable game I've ever played.  Everyone loves it.  Your sister loves it.  Your grandma loves it.  It's impossible to not get sucked into it.  And it's the highpoint of the series.  IV just slowed everything down, and ruined the perfect balance that this game had.  Go to GoG and download it right now.  Then you can come back and thank me for it.

Baldur's Gate II - This might be the biggest baddest game of all time.  Take everything from the original (amazing) game, and make it bigger, better, prettier, and beefier.  I truly hope they capture even a fraction of this magic with the third game.

Slay the Spire - The "new" most addictive game of all time.  I had to take this cart out of my Switch and hide it, lest I never play anything else ever again.  Every single time I've ever died on a run, I've had the incredibly strong compulsion to immediately start a new one.  There's no rage, no frustration, no defeat.  Just the need to jump right back in.

Half Life - Remember when people thought games like Jedi Knight and Quake 2 were amazing?  And then this game comes out where you're shooting down Apache helicopters with guided tow missiles, and everyone suddenly forgot about all of those others games forever, for the most part?  Game changer.

Okay, back to you.  Dumbest question I could ask you? 

This one? 

Correct.  Finally,what VGS member would you like to see be featured? 

I’m sure @OptOut is on the list so I’ll go with @PuppyWaffles. 

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Note: If it takes you hours to read, just remember it took me even longer to write it all 🤣 It was fun though. Reed is a tough investigator but I finally made it through! Looking forward to seeing the next victim :)

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@CasualCart for your viewing pleasure.

Japanese MGS GC. Includes Metal Gear from NES which wasn't released outside of Japan on the GC.





Some LEGO sets. I'm not a big Harry Potter fan but my wife loves the series so we bought the castle and I made it for her. Optimus Prime is really cool and can transform easily into the truck.







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