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  1. Older Alfas are not the best cars. I haven't had any issues with mine that were the cars fault. I've put 20k miles on it since April. Bought it with 30k on the odometer.
  2. So after looking at four door sedans a few things came into play. I would have bought the Porsche in a heartbeat except the gas mileage kills that for me as a daily. I am not a Mercedes guy at all, everyone I know that has them hates them and I've never driven one I've liked. So then it came down to BMW, Audi, or Alfa. Audis are great cars, I've driven several, but the interior is way to cheap VW now. BMW was a bit faster, but the Alfa won me over for handling and looks. It's also the most comfortable of the choices I drove. The reason you are seeing a surge is because of the prices of these cars, they have dropped to sub 25k levels for a used one and it's honestly the best value for dollar on the market.
  3. We went from Naturally Aspirated to Video Games Supercharged... I'll temp ban myself for the bad pun
  4. Xbox One, but it's cross platform. It plays so much like Halo! Which I'd also be down to play. Gamertag is my username.
  5. I am obsessed with this game! Anyone else here wanna join?
  6. My biggest thing with most game trackers is the inability to add CIB individually or the lack of non USA games.
  7. I was suprised I didn't already own this trio! All are solid games.
  8. Thank you she has been! Also I 100% agree, Toyota doesn't know how to style the front of a car without Scion!
  9. My first pickup in 6 months! Coming back has ignited the spark again!
  10. Haha if it was just a Halloween costume that is amazing. That's literally all I remember other than he was super cool!
  11. It's better you don't know. Famous (somehow) YouTuber that buys stupid things at stupid prices.
  12. That's my boy! doner24 still getting 'em! Man I missed this community!
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