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Featured Member June 2022: Estil

We're trying out something new here on VGS.  Well, sort of new...  Some of you may remember a series of interviews I did with various members of NintendoAge that centered around the Weekly NES contest.  This is a partial reboot of that effort. And to kick us off is the one and only @Estil.  The good-natured, cat-obsessed Kentuckian that loves to post his cherished YouTube clips!  And he threw me an early curveball by changing some of the questions I asked him. 😆  Enjoy!    Hello E

Games #250-201 are now up

...along with a ton of changes to the UI. ...and I sorta overlooked a page that lets you easily skip around to different sections of the rankings.  I'll work on that tonight. ...and the dropdown menu is pretty annoying and covers up the other links.  I'll work on it tonight. ...and some of the links are dead because I had to cut them at the last second.  I'll work on those soon. ...and I sorta broke how it looks on mobile.  I'll work on that next. ...and there's still a

Reed Rothchild

Reed Rothchild in Site update

Games #300-251 are (finally) now up

(graphic courtesy of @CasualCart) Well, it was a marathon, but I finally did it.  After almost 6 months I finally crapped out wrote up 50 more games.  COVID-19 couldn't stop me.  Losing my home office couldn't stop me.  Buying and selling a new home couldn't stop me.  Losing some of my cartridges couldn't stop me.  Playing Survivor couldn't stop me.  Hosting Werewolf 3: The Deafening couldn't stop me.  Getting a repetitive muscle injury from too much... reading, couldn't stop me.

New site and Volume IX are both ready!

Many years ago I had this horrendously stupid brilliant idea: Why not "rank" ALL of the games?  The Super Nintendo games. After all, I was rapidly accumulating piles upon piles of carts, and my compulsion to finish things meant I was seeing more of their content than most people.  I've also long considered myself to be a pretty fair and even-handed critic.  One who had enough of a frame of reference for all of "video gaming" that I knew what made up a good platformer, or a good RPG, and wha

Reed Rothchild

Reed Rothchild

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