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  1. Hi there! I have an in box Python 4 Quickshot joystick for the TG16 and I have absolutely no idea what the going price would be on it. There's nothing sold on ebay and I can't find anywhere else that has or is currently selling it. It comes in the box but there is no styrofoam or cardboard in it (just an empty box). I tested it out and it works. It's barely been used at all it looks like. Any ideas?
  2. Yeah I see them all the time. Its annoying to me only when they don't say on the boxes anywhere they they are a repro. If you're going to make a repro box. you could be clever and say, remove the UPC numbers and replace them with "reproduction". Its not that difficult and it doesn't detract from the look of the box.
  3. Bought Super C from @doner24 Top notch seller. I've bought stuff from him before and he's always super easy to work with. Just the best dude.
  4. Transaction: 2/11 - Sold a bunch of Game Gear games to @Lunar He's super easy to work with. Paid quickly. Great communication. Definite recommend.
  5. Transaction: 12/19 - Sold a bunch of Game Gear game to @Craigly1234 Super awesome to work with. Fast payment. Recommended buyer.
  6. Captain America and the Avengers (Gen) counts as a loss and you do it again. I popped it in not too long ago and on my final life... simultaneous death/kill and a big fat GAME OVER.
  7. How come no one has made replacement trays for the Game Gear? Every boxed game I get, it's almost always missing the inner tray. People make replacement trays for all the Nintendo products and Genesis and 32X but nothing for the GG. I realize that there aren't a whole lot of GG collectors out there but there is a least some demand. Anyone know of anyone that makes replacement trays? They could corner that tiny market. LOL! I know that @The Count needs a bunch.
  8. Yeah my main obsession is the Genesis and I tend to collect for the systems I had for as a kid a lot harder than for ones I didn't. I used to have a good size SNES collection but because I never had one as a kid I just wasn't that attached to it. I sold a good portion of the games. I kept the ones I thought were cool. Until recently I was just buying, buying, buying. Now that I have a family, that money is going elsewhere along with some of the need to buy everything. I'm trying to be more focused in my goals and trying to restrain myself more. It's tough. I do go from buying games then buying movies then buying comics and then back to buying games, etc... so it comes in waves. LOL
  9. Thank you SO MUCH! I've always wondered how those Wisdom Tree games were packaged. I have Exodus but it did not have any foam and I thought it was so weird that they wouldn't have anything in there so the box didn't crush.
  10. Cool! That definitely holds water to your theory! I wonder if they were going to release this at the same time as Dinobasher but CJ made it into production where Dinobasher didn't? They cancelled both but since CJ was already made, they sold it in the area that produced better sales for them: Europe. Also sorry @Craigly1234 for hijacking your thread!
  11. Now I want proof too! LOL. Your theory is so dang intriguing!
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