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  1. I played a very crude bike game on a cousin's computer years ago, not sure what kind. From what I remember, it was black and white, and you'd have to set speed and whatnot to clear ramps on screen, which would change each level. Only the correct settings would have you ramp between successfully, or you'd crash. This is about as best as I can remember it looking, where the ramps would change shape/size and distance each level.
  2. Yes. I sold mine for $100 and paid $260 3 years later to get another back. I would not be buying it today if I needed it, with the price it goes for.
  3. 2k is probably my limit, unless it was something over that and a no brainer deal. It's definitely gone up though, My first $440 purchase made me feel kinda ill for the day dropping that much.
  4. You are right, I felt like I was paying a ton when I bought a very nice cart off NA for $250. No regrets these days.
  5. It is, I can't wait until my buddy is free to get back to it. Super cool so far.
  6. I bought that exact version in very similar condition off jjgames for $22 and felt like I overpaid. I'll happily grade it to dump it if I could find a second bidder lol.
  7. Definitely explains why they're so plentiful vs. other 94 games.
  8. Well I checked, because I didn't want to lay in bed thinking about it. They're not defined enough either way. B 1110(backwards 4) M none (?) EDIT: I can seem to ever so faintly make out number impressions in the usual spot, but not well enough to make it out. Looks printed with no ink. Both chips 401A5 (4O1 = 1994/Oct/11 = 9442) Thanks@0xDEAFC0DE
  9. I wonder if that's meant to be 40111, but got printed backwards. I'll check my cart/box/man tomorrow.
  10. Mickey's Adventures in Numberland: B 40204 M 40204 PRG 9407 CHR 9407
  11. Hey, this way you don't have to hunt that damn poster. Nice buy!
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