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  1. Stay tuned for future stories, this is only the warm up!
  2. The face to face interaction happened so fast But great tips none the less, thanks for reading.
  3. So this was one of those mysterious deals that I never got a name or a phone number. Way back when Kijiji was new, you could only contact each other by phone number or email. If the seller never left a phone number, email was the only way to communicate. Some times in the name space, instead of actual name it would be just a letter like "H" or a period "." and that is it. So you had no clue who you were talking to. One Saturday morning, I replied through email to an ad for a CIB Golden Sun and a CIB Golden Sun 2 The Lost Age for GBA. It was a solid deal at the time, so I had to follow it up. The email reply I got back had no name attached to it. Not only that, it was also very vague and short. It basically said the deal was on and to meet in 20 mins at a Walmart parking lot on the West end of the city. That was all I needed to hear, so I got in my truck and took off. It was a beautiful warm summer day and I had just arrived at the very busy Walmart parking lot. I sent another email stating I had arrived and that I would be waiting in a black Chevy truck, close to an Asian restaurant at the back of the lot. I often did this to avoid the crowds, traffic and so that I would be more visible. I never got a reply from this person, “typical” I thought to myself, so I sat there hoping they would find me. To get the nice summer breeze, I had my windows down and I peacefully listened to my NES tunes on my crappy truck stereo. A few minutes had passed and then about a mile away, across the chaotic parking lot I noticed a long curly orange haired person lurking about. Having nothing to do but wait, I sat and watched (I possess a ton of experience people watching from my travels to Europe) This creepy, straight backed person consistently lurch in my direction like a zombie robot. It was beyond bizarre to locate this person a mile away for no reason at all, then watch them slowly but steadily walk in my direction. It must have taken 8 solid minutes for this person to get close to me. I did not get out of my truck since I wasn't completely sure if this was the Kijiji dealer or not but they did in fact come right up to my window. I said "Hello" with money in hand. The games were giving to me and the money grabbed out of my hand with out a single word said or eye contact even made through their thick glasses. It literally took 3 seconds to do the deal, then this person spun around and started to walk back the exact same way they came. If you noticed I never stated whether this person was a he or a she... The reason for that is simple.... I have absolutely no idea if it was a boy or a girl. The long curly hair made me think that it was a girl but the body and facial features looked more masculine. There was zero expression on their face the few seconds I saw it. He/she was wearing the most neutral outfit that made it even more impossible to tell whom I was dealing with. "What’s That? It's Pat!" I watched them walking away for a bit completely confused before I decided to just leave. I cranked the tunes and peeled out of there. It was a really nice pick up and it really didn’t matter if it was a boy or girl but it just added to the whole oddity of this deal. No name, no talking and I was left scratching my head the whole way home.
  4. Ya, I never heard of it growing up but discovered it through Happy Video Game Nerd like 11-12 years ago lol. It quickly shot up to the top of my list for favorite games of all time. I agree with the wonderful soundtrack, I love it. Ya if a tougher one to beat for sure but I managed to 1 times. I really need to do it again.
  5. $1400 Canadian for a CIB Keio Flying Squadron. I got to pay in installments to a friend over a long period of time, so it wasn't so bad
  6. This trio. CIB Left, Sealed Middle and CIB Famicom Note* must have been some sort of filter on in this picture since they look sun faded which they are not
  7. killerkobra

    The Beginning

    Greetings and salutations, I have decided to get more active on this forum like the old days of NA. So I am going to be posting excerpts from a long lost NintendoAge Magazine article that sadly never made it to print. Keep in mind most of these stories were written in the 2010-2012 era, I only wrote them down after telling them to co-workers who found them extremely bizarre and entertaining. I probably could have applied more editing but I am definitely not a writer. So no matter how many times I edit this, it will still have mistakes. I plan to release the stories every Friday until I have no more. Enjoy. Kijiji Tales By killerkobra My NintendoAge name is killerkobra, I'm from Edmonton Alberta Canada. That's pretty far north, in fact I live in the highest populated northern city in North America. Maybe even the world!! Wow. As you can imagine it gets pretty darn cold up here and some years we have winter 8 months straight. One thing I can say about Edmonton is that it's no slouch when it comes to video games. I can recall all sorts of consoles and systems since I can remember. Intellivison? Sega Master System? TurboGrafx-16? 32X? Check, check and check, played them all as a kid at my friends’ houses. I still own my original Sega Cd. In the year 2010 it really dawned on me that I really loved my retro video games and I decided to start video game collecting exclusively. I had a solid collection built up from childhood and being a casual collector at this point. YouTube was in full swing with excellent channels like Angry Video Game Nerd and Happy Video Game Nerd. In reality I have been collecting video games since I was 4. The very age I got my first video game console, the Nintendo Entertainment System Action Set. I was hooked like many of us, and luckily enough, I still own every item I have ever acquired video game related. But I never really got into the serious side of collecting until early to mid- 2010 and around that time I also discovered a little site called Kijiji. Ahh Kijiji, similar to Craigslist in USA, I quickly discovered that it should have been called Adventure instead of Kijiji... Now there's a ton of stories to tell about Kijiji. Trying to find an address's (even with GPS can be impossible) fighting traffic, driving long distances, horrid weather but the best thing about it is meeting the oddest people… Or maybe it was the video games… Ya, Ill actually say it was the video games. There are the types of deals: The, Score! The, I need a beer The, Ewe gross! The, wow where am I? The, am I going to die? The, stood up The, bizarre The, crooked The What the...? Often these types overlap each other. A lot of the deals I did back then felt like I was walking on egg shells. I never wanted to seem over excited or forward with the person I was dealing with. So a lot my methods back then are sketchy as hell to say the least. Not like I am trying scam people sketchy but more like "ya sure I can come up into your creepy filthy apartment" or "You are creeping me out over email, but ya sure lets meet face to face" Pop Goes my Video Game Kijiji Cherry (The Eww! Gross) Now, when I started to get serious about collecting I really wanted a Sega Master System in my collection. When I was about 8 or 9 my best buddy got one from his older cousin. Long nights playing Double Dragon and Ghostbusters to say the least. Sadly, once we got a little older he sold it and I had wanted one ever since. So when I first discovered Kijiji I went on and what do you know??? There was a CIB system with about 12 games that were also all CIB with the Sports Controller ( with the track ball ) and Control Stick controller, also both CIB. I was working nightshift at the time so I went to his house at about 7:30 AM, it was a text book deal. Went to the door, exchanged the goods for the money and I was gone. (I made friends with this guy about a year later, he was a hard core collector himself...but that's a different story) Once I got home, I then wanted to clean everything I had just bought. Being second hand and used I figured a quick wipe down was in order. I opened everything up and that was when I noticed that the system, games and controllers all had some sort of brown sauce on them. Let’s just say I hope it was brown sauce like BBQ or Hp... Not only the sauce but there was also numerous hairs all over the Styrofoam, not short and curly, thank the Gaming Gods!!! Everything was in good condition once the chocolate swirls were removed wearing my HAZMAT suit and rubber gloves. What was this brown sauce? We shall never know and I am ok with that also long as it’s gone. That was the first adventure of many.
  8. I am sorry you feel that I am mad. I am just trying to make sense of your constant defending of WATA, because you always come off extremely defensive, that's all.
  9. Anything is possible, their goal should be to be "flawless". As a company you don't strive to be "good" you strive to be "flawless or perfect" especially when it comes to grading. Build a strong brand first, then let the happy customers promote your brand for you. Maybe WATA should focus more on quality control and customer service rather than trying to get their name in the headlines. As for RoyalT, he HAD to take this public since they were not responding to him in any way possible, which shows he had zero confidence in them when they choose not to take his issues seriously. I bet any money they responded in a hurry after this went public... Like Wolfman said this completely diminishes their reputation, especially with their inability in correcting a idiotic (not silly) mistake like this, when there were told about it numerous times. Kinda hard to defend this one...
  10. Shouldn’t a grading company be absolutely flawless? I mean isn’t that why you would use that service? In RoyalT’s case this is straight up pathetic. I would be choked after waiting that long, especially with the poor customer service. There is no excuse for this.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to say Hai! Yami
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