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Beat Every N64 Game - 2022 - 189/303


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Administrator · Posted

Having only ever played the PS1 version before, I am enjoying the faster load times (barely any at all), but going straight from one to the other its clear what it cost. The graphics are muddy by comparison, most of the sound bites are gone (eg the taxi drivers in NYC that yell and swear at you), and worst of all the music is butchered. 

It's... Fine. Like, if this was the version I grew up with I would still have nostalgia for it, but going straight from PS1 to this aside from the loading its no contest. 

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Events Helper · Posted
1 hour ago, RH said:

Ah dang.  I was considering doing that one.  I loved it as a kid.  My High School buddy and I enjoyed playing fighting games and that was our "so bad it's great" game.

u can do sculptors cut if you want, i can't seem to beat the dudes 😞  Now i has to play games online 😒

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  • The title was changed to Beat Every N64 Game - 2022 - 38/303

Chameleon Twist 1 is done.

I wanted to play this one for some years but someone would always play before me for this thread.

Well, I was expecting a better game. The camera is the biggest problem with the game. It makes some parts a bit harder than they should. 

Maybe next year I’ll play the second game.



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  • The title was changed to Beat Every N64 Game - 2022 - 42/303

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