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  1. Banjo-Kazooie is (finally) finished. Really bummed my childhood self was deprived of that one. I think I'll take on some combo of Bomberman, FIFA, Excitebike, and Body Harvest next.
  2. I got to Grunty last night but still need to grab 12 more jiggies. I’ll have it complete soon.
  3. That's what I thought, just wanted to make sure. I don't think you get credits unless you get all cards.
  4. Still working on Banjo. I haven't had much time to play lately, but I'm on Mad Monster Mansion so I feel like I'm close to the end. I'm at 100% so far, but there are two things I cannot figure out. There's an ice key in the walrus cave that I can't seem to get, and there was a door at the third spot Gobi was that I can't seem to open. I know you all have more knowledge of this game so point me in the right direction. I also threw on Bomberman 64 a few days ago and got about halfway through that, so I can take that one down soon, as long as all cards is not required.
  5. Goemon's Great Adventure is finished. Awesome game. There is really only one thing I can do next, I'll take on Banjo...
  6. I definitely still see some targets left out there. We are going to do this.
  7. Mario Golf is done. My apology game for the OptOut fiasco.
  8. About halfway done with Goemon's Great Adventure, so we will be able to mark that one off soon.
  9. I blame myself for firing back. I will take a game down to make up for it.
  10. I know you have it in you. And by it, I mean my chode.
  11. I 100% agree. I think they just eluded me because I didn’t have them when I was a kid. I will absolutely play them. But this challenge has to be completed first.
  12. I always spelled “chode” a different way. Not sure why. Either way I wish some of these chodes would start beating some games.
  13. Someone needs to beat Superman 64. May as well be you.
  14. “Have you played Banjo Kazooie Y/N?” “See you in hell” Dude I’ve tried to Platinum Frantic Finale, I’ve already been there.
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