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  1. thats what you think now until you try it, love it, and this happens: You're stomach is not ready for this chili!
  2. Not really chili on the cake... just icing ... You do not realize the fandom you stepped into... People forgo 1st birthday cake smash and have photoshoots of the first time they have chili...
  3. Manufacturing Research Engineer/Data Scientist ...Y?
  4. IT'S A CAKE!!!! TAKE THAT @Jeevan
  5. I am a supertaster (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/super-tasting-science-find-out-if-youre-a-supertaster/) I found out in high school with a tasting strip of 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP) in Chemistry class. Most bitter thing I have ever tasted... I thought they had pranked me cause no one was reacting too bad, some said ooo its bitter. Meanwhile I was bitching the teacher was trying to kill me; drinking water from a sink to scrub my tongue. Sometimes I enjoy the simple to taste more of the sauces flavors.
  6. I have and it was great
  7. Nope I would die (soy allergy). I will stay with my American food.
  8. Anyone that is raised in the land of Haggis, Scotch Eggs, Mushy Peas, etc... gets no opinion on what is good food.. especially off of just sight.... (Jeevan said you're British, if not blame him)
  9. Its all from Skyline Chili
  10. Clifton Ludlow Ave sorry (one on the Simpsons)
  11. ... Yes it is ... sir yes it is There is a reason our Pretzels come in this size: for Scale:
  12. Its the cracker bomb! https://cincyshirts.com/products/cracker-bomb-unisex-t-shirt?variant=44893576899
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