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Beat Every N64 Game - 2022 - 189/303


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Editorials Team · Posted

It's 2022, so let's play some N64!


- Photos are not required, but are highly encouraged, especially for less common games.
- You must begin and finish the game in 2022.
- No cheats and no Gameshark codes.
- Saving/continues/passwords are ok, as long as you didn't look up the passwords and the whole game was started and finished in 2022.
- Emulators are accepted but don't use them for any unfair advantages over original hardware.
- Virtual Console is fine; no 3DS ports or remakes.
- This year we're allowing people to "soft" claim games they plan to play during the year, but there are no "hard dibs" rules in effect and the first person to beat a game gets the credit, claimed or not.
- Each game is worth 1 point, plus a half point for each year it wasn't beaten on NA/VGS since 2012.
- 100% not required
- Sports games: generally "win the tournament/championship" is the requirement. If a game lets you skip the season and go straight to playoffs, this is allowed.
- Traditionally for the N64 thread, credits are the main indication that a game is beaten; exceptions are subjectively agreed upon for easier games. We typically strive for "any%" completion.
- I haven't personally played all of these games; feel free to correct or challenge any requirement.
This list includes titles from NTSC and PAL regions, 303 games total.
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Editorials Team · Posted


If you're planning on playing any specific games in the near future, let us know and I'll put it here. This is just so we can avoid stepping on each other's toes to a small degree, and plan our way to success! If you're looking for a game to beat, consider picking one that isn't already going to be played.

Please only claim games that you fully intend to beat in the reasonably near future. We had floated a soft 2-month rule in the 2021 thread, which seems like a good idea. This list is also not binding in any way; the first person to clear a game gets the points, whether it was claimed or not.

Aidyn Chronicles - @Splain
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 - @ZeldaFreak
Blast Corps - @djg_
Chameleon Twist 2 - @KokiriChild
Turok:  Dinosaur Hunter  - @Brickman
Hey You, Pikachu! - @McBryce
Mischief Makers - @KokiriChild
Ogre Battle 64 - @Jeevan  ugh
Resident Evil 2 - @TDIRunner
Scooby Doo - @KokiriChild
Starcraft - @ZeldaFreak

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Editorials Team · Posted

Beaten by Title Pts Requirement
McBryce 007 The World Is Not Enough 1 Complete on any difficulty
themisfit138 1080° Snowboarding 2.5 Match Race: Complete Normal, Hard, and Expert modes to see credits
themisfit138 A Bug's Life 2  
  AeroFighters Assault 5 Finish all four bonus stages to get the real last level and the credits
Splain AeroGauge 2.5 Complete Grand Prix to see credits (first place not needed)
  Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage 4 Complete
  AirBoarder 64 (PAL) 5  
Jeevan All-Star Baseball 2000 3.5 See "sports games" above
Jeevan All-Star Baseball 2001 4 See "sports games" above
Jeevan All-Star Baseball 99 3.5 See "sports games" above
Splain All-Star Tennis 99 3 Win a Tournament or win World Tour mode to get credits
  Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. 4  
Jeevan Army Men: Air Combat 2 Complete all missions
LeatherRebel5150 Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2.5 Complete all missions
  Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 2 Complete all missions
Redmond Asteroids Hyper 64 3.5 Complete the last level, it will put you back at the main menu
Galdius Automobili Lamborghini 2.5 Beat Championship mode
Brickman Banjo-Kazooie 1 Beat Grunty
McBryce Banjo-Tooie 2 Beat Grunty
  Bass Hunter 64 4.5  
  Bass Masters 2000 4.5 Finish all the tournaments in the tournament mode
McBryce Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker 2 Defeat the Joker
Redmond BattleTanx 2.5 Complete the campaign
Redmond BattleTanx: Global Assault 3.5  
Nugfish Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs 4.5 Complete the Pilot Mode with the Americans
PuppyWaffles Beetle Adventure Racing! 1.5 Win the Professional level Championship
Splain Big Mountain 2000 2.5 Complete the Championship on skis and snowboard to see the credits
Gloves Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. 3  
  Blast Corps. 1.5 Complete all main levels to see the credits
  Blues Brothers 2000 3 Collect all instruments and notes, win the Battle of the Bands
  Body Harvest 4 Complete all missions, 100% not required
Splain Bomberman 64 2 Any ending
Philosoraptor Bomberman 64: The Second Attack 3.5 Any ending
Redmond Bomberman Hero 2.5 Finish the 5th planet to see the credits
  Bottom of the 9th 5 Win a Season or Playoffs
Nugfish Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 4.5 Finish first in one tournament
  Buck Bumble 3.5  
Splain Bust-A-Move '99 2 Beat Arcade Puzzle mode to see credits (might be other ways too)
Splain Bust-A-Move 2 Arcade Edition 2 Complete Puzzle Game, any path/ending
Tantalus California Speed 4  
  Carmageddon 64 3  
themisfit138 Castlevania 3 any ending
themisfit138 Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness 2.5  
  Centre Court Tennis (PAL) 3 See "sports games" above
Galdius Chameleon Twist 1.5 Complete, all crowns not required
  Chameleon Twist 2 3 Complete
  Charlie Blast's Territory 3  
Gloves Chopper Attack 4.5 Complete the game on any difficulty
Jeevan Clay Fighter 63 1/3 1 Complete the game on at least Normal to see the credits
McBryce Clay Fighter: Sculptor's Cut 1 Complete the game on at least Normal to see the credits
Nugfish Command & Conquer 4  
Brickman Conker's Bad Fur Day 2 Complete
Jeevan Cruis'n Exotica 1.5 Complete all tracks in Cruis'n Exotica mode
Jeevan Cruis'n USA 1 Cruise the USA and see the credits
Jeevan Cruis'n World 1 Cruise the world, then fly to the moon on the space shuttle (???)
LeatherRebel5150 CyberTiger 4  
  Daikatana 4  
Jeevan Dark Rift 2.5  
Jeevan Deadly Arts 3.5  
RegularGuyGamer Destruction Derby 64 3 Clear all the missions
McBryce Diddy Kong Racing 1 Defeat Wizpig the 2nd time
Jeevan Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers 1.5 Complete
Nugfish Donkey Kong 64 1.5 Beat the final boss, any %
Brickman Doom 64 3  
Galdius Dr. Mario 64 1 Complete story mode on any difficulty
Galdius Dual Heroes 3 Complete story mode on at least Normal difficulty
  Duck Dodgers starring Daffy Duck 3.5 Complete the main story, 100% not required
themisfit138 Duke Nukem 64 4  
Redmond Duke Nukem: Zero Hour 3.5  
  Earthworm Jim 3D 5  
themisfit138 ECW Hardcore Revolution 3.5 Win all three belts in story mode and do the title defenses
Jeevan Elmo's Letter Adventure 1 Complete, any difficulty
Jeevan Elmo's Number Journey 1 Complete, any difficulty
  Excitebike 64 4 Finish first in all of the Pro seasons
Gaia Gensouki Extreme-G 3 Finish first in every track (Meltdown) on Extreme difficulty using a default/standard bike
  Extreme-G 2 3.5 Complete the Mirror Mode on Hard to unlock a character
  F-1 World Grand Prix 4.5 Finish on top in Grand Prix mode
  F-1 World Grand Prix II (PAL) 4 Finish on top in Grand Prix mode
ZeldaFan042 F-Zero X 1.5 Win every cup on at least Standard difficulty
  F1 Pole Position 64 4.5 Win a World Championship
  F1 Racing Championship (PAL) 4  
Galdius FIFA 99 4 See "sports games" above
Galdius FIFA Soccer 64 3.5 See "sports games" above
Galdius FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 2.5 See "sports games" above
Jeevan Fighter Destiny 2 4 Beat all opponents in VS COM mode, any settings, to see credits
Jeevan Fighters Destiny 3  
McBryce Fighting Force 64 4 Complete a playthrough with any character on at least Normal difficulty
Jeevan Flying Dragon 3.5 Beat Virtual Mode to see the credits
  Forsaken 64 5 Beat the level "Babalas" to get to the end credits
themisfit138 Fox Sports College Hoops '99 3.5 See "sports games" above
themisfit138 Gauntlet Legends 3.5 Defeat Skorne and receive the perma-halo, no credit roll
Tantalus Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko 4.5  
McBryce Gex 64: Enter the Gecko 4  
  Glover 2  
Redmond Goemon's Great Adventure 4  
LeatherRebel5150 Golden Nugget 64 2 Win once at each of the 10 games
McBryce GoldenEye 007 1 Complete on any difficulty
  GT 64: Championship Edition 4.5 Win a Championship
ZeldaFan042 Harvest Moon 64 2 Finish the third spring
  Hercules: The Legendary Journeys 4  
  Hexen 4  
  Hey You, Pikachu! 5  
Splain Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing 3 Win all 3 cups
Redmond Hybrid Heaven 4  
  Hydro Thunder 4  
  Iggy's Reckin' Balls 4.5  
themisfit138 Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine 4.5  
  Indy Racing 2000 4.5  
Galdius International Superstar Soccer '98 3.5 Win the International Cup to see the credits
Galdius International Superstar Soccer 2000 3.5 Win the International Cup to see the credits
Galdius International Superstar Soccer 64 3 Win the International Cup to see the credits
  International Track & Field 2000 3.5 See "sports games" above
Galdius Jeopardy! 1 Win 1 game
Splain Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 2 Beat any series to see the credits
  Jet Force Gemini 2.5 Complete
  Ken Griffey Jr.'s Slugfest 4.5 See "sports games" above
Jeevan Killer Instinct Gold 2 Defeat Gargos on at least Hard difficulty
McBryce Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards 1.5 Any ending
Jeevan Knife Edge Nose Gunner 4  
Galdius Knockout Kings 2000 3 See "sports games" above
Jeevan Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside 3 See "sports games" above
ZeldaFan042 Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, The 2 Defeat Majora
McBryce Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The 1 Defeat Ganon
  LEGO Racers 4  
  Lode Runner 3-D 4.5  
Jeevan Mace: The Dark Age 3.5  
  Madden Football 64 3.5 See "sports games" above
McBryce Madden NFL 2000 4 See "sports games" above
McBryce Madden NFL 2001 3.5 See "sports games" above
  Madden NFL 2002 3.5 See "sports games" above
ZeldaFan042 Madden NFL 99 4 See "sports games" above
Galdius Magical Tetris Challenge 1 Complete Magical Tetris > Story mode to see credits
  Major League Baseball feat. Ken Griffey Jr. 4.5 See "sports games" above
  Mario Golf 3 Win the Mario's Star Tournament or unlock Bowser to see credits
Tantalus Mario Kart 64 1 Get gold in every cup on 150cc
Splain Mario Party 2 Play all the boards, get 100 stars, and finish a game on Eternal Star
Splain Mario Party 2 2 Play every board, then finish a game on Bowser Land
Splain Mario Party 3 2.5 Complete Story mode on any difficulty to see the credits
McBryce Mario Tennis 1.5 Win a singles or doubles tournament and see the credits
Redmond Mega Man 64 3 Complete
  Mia Hamm Soccer 64 3.5 See "sports games" above
  Mickey's Speedway USA 2 Get a Platinum cup in all 5 tournaments
  Micro Machines 64 Turbo 4 Complete Challenge OR Time Trial Challenge to see the credits
Galdius Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 1 2 Play each game
  Mike Piazza's StrikeZone 5 See "sports games" above
  Milo's Astro Lanes 3 Earn the Astrolight trophy in all 12 areas to see the credits
  Mischief Makers 1.5 Reach level 5-10, "Credits"
  Mission: Impossible 3 Complete, any difficulty
  Monaco Grand Prix 4 Win a Championship
Nugfish Monopoly 1.5 Win 1 game against CPU player(s)
Jeevan Monster Truck Madness 64 3.5  
Gloves Mortal Kombat 4 2.5 Any difficulty
  Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero 3.5 Complete
  Mortal Kombat Trilogy 4  
Galdius MRC: Multi-Racing Championship 3 Complete Championship mode to see the credits
Splain Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness 4.5 Beat Mesmerelda the 2nd time (with 42 stars) to unlock the ending/credits
McBryce Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon 2.5  
  Nagano Winter Olympics '98 3.5 Place 1st in Championship mode; no credit roll
Jeevan Namco Museum 64 2 Beat the default high score or earn an extra life on all 6 games
themisfit138 NASCAR 2000 4  
themisfit138 NASCAR 99 3.5  
Jeevan NBA Courtside 2 Featuring Kobe Bryant 3.5 See "sports games" above
  NBA Hang Time 4 Beat every team
Jeevan NBA In The Zone '98 3 See "sports games" above
ZeldaFan042 NBA In The Zone '99 3.5 See "sports games" above
Jeevan NBA In The Zone 2000 3.5 See "sports games" above
  NBA Jam 2000 3.5 See "sports games" above
  NBA Jam 99 3.5 See "sports games" above
nesmaster14 NBA Live 2000 3.5 See "sports games" above
  NBA Live 99 3.5 See "sports games" above
Nugfish NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC 5 Beat every team
Jeevan New Tetris, The 2.5 Beat the CPU in all 3 competition modes
Matchbook NFL Blitz 3 See "sports games" above
Matchbook NFL Blitz 2000 3 See "sports games" above
Matchbook NFL Blitz 2001 2.5 See "sports games" above
  NFL Blitz Special Edition 3 See "sports games" above
ZeldaFan042 NFL QB Club 2001 4 See "sports games" above
ZeldaFan042 NFL Quarterback Club 2000 4 See "sports games" above
  NFL Quarterback Club 98 3.5 See "sports games" above
ZeldaFan042 NFL Quarterback Club 99 4 See "sports games" above
Tantalus NHL 99 3 See "sports games" above
  NHL Blades of Steel '99 2.5 See "sports games" above
Nugfish NHL Breakaway 98 3 See "sports games" above
  NHL Breakaway 99 4 See "sports games" above
  Nightmare Creatures 3  
  Nuclear Strike 64 4.5  
Galdius Off Road Challenge 2.5 Complete Circuit Mode
Blink Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber 4  
  Olympic Hockey 98 3.5 See "sports games" above
MegaMan52 Paper Mario 1 Complete
  Paperboy 2 Complete Hard Way to see the credits
  Penny Racers 5 Get at least bronze on every track on AA difficulty
themisfit138 Perfect Dark 1.5 Complete on any difficulty
  PGA European Tour 5 See "sports games" above
Tantalus Pilotwings 64 2 See the credits by getting bronze in all basic vehicles in Pilot class
KokiriChild Pokémon Puzzle League 1.5 Complete the game on Hard to see the credits
McBryce Pokémon Snap 1  
  Pokémon Stadium 4 Defeat Mewtwo to see the credit roll
  Pokémon Stadium 2 4.5  
Splain Polaris SnoCross 3.5 Complete all divisions and unlock the bonus Sno-Razor snowmobile
McBryce Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue 2  
Galdius Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction 2.5 Reach 100% with all 3 girls
  Premier Manager 64 (PAL) 5 Finish a season at the top of the Premier League
  Quake 3  
  Quake II 4.5  
MagusSmurf Quest 64 2 Complete
Nugfish Rainbow Six 4  
Redmond Rakuga Kids (PAL) 3.5  
  Rally Challenge 2000 4.5  
Jeevan Rampage 2: Universal Tour 3  
Jeevan Rampage World Tour 3.5  
Galdius Rat Attack! 2.5  
  Rayman 2: The Great Escape 2.5  
Splain Razor Freestyle Scooter 2 Complete all goals and rescue all your friends
  Re-Volt 4.5  
Galdius Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 3 Complete the Arcade Mode at least on Easy/Bronze to get to the end credits
Nugfish Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 3.5  
TDIRunner Resident Evil 2 3 Credits show after a single playthrough, any settings
McBryce Ridge Racer 64 4  
Nugfish Road Rash 64 2  
  Roadsters 3  
Redmond Robotron 64 4 Complete all 200 levels
  Rocket: Robot on Wheels 3.5 Complete
  Rugrats in Paris: The Movie 3  
  Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt 1.5 Complete all three levels
Matchbook Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA 4  
  S.C.A.R.S. 4.5 Complete every cup, any difficulty
  San Francisco Rush 2049 4.5  
Matchbook San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing 4  
  Scooby-Doo! Classic Creep Capers 2  
  Shadow Man 3.5  
  Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers 3.5  
Redmond Snowboard Kids 1.5  
  Snowboard Kids 2 2  
  South Park 2.5  
Galdius South Park Chef's Luv Shack 1 Complete any mode with any score to see credits
  South Park Rally 3  
Redmond Space Invaders 2  
  Space Station Silicon Valley 3.5 Complete every level to see the ending, trophies not required
OptOut Spider-Man 2.5  
ZeldaFan042 Star Fox 64 1 Play through any path to see the credits
Galdius Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth 2  
Jeevan Star Wars Episode I: Battle for Naboo 2.5  
PuppyWaffles Star Wars Episode I: Racer 2 Win the last race in the Boonta Classic to see the credits
Jeevan Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 1.5  
Redmond Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire 1.5 Complete the game at least on Medium difficulty
  StarCraft 64 4 Complete all campaigns
  Starshot: Space Circus Fever 3.5  
  Stunt Racer 64 3 Beat the final boss on at least Normal mode to see credits
  Super Bowling 3.5 Unlock everything in Acquisition mode
Splain Super Mario 64 1 Beat Bowser to see the credits
McBryce Super Smash Bros. 1 Beat 1P mode on any difficulty
Splain Supercross 2000 3.5 Win a Season to get a "congratulations" screen
  Superman 2.5 Complete the game on Superman mode
Galdius Tarzan 2.5  
  Taz Express (PAL) 4.5  
RH Tetrisphere 2.5 Complete any mode, at least until you see the credit roll
McBryce Tigger's Honey Hunt 1.5 Finish all levels to see credits
Galdius Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry 2  
  Tonic Trouble 3.5  
Tantalus Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 Get 3 medals to see the credits
Gloves Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 1 Get 3 gold medals to see the credits
  Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 2 Get 3 (gold?) medals to see the credits
  Top Gear Hyper-Bike 3.5  
diddles_mcbean Top Gear Overdrive 3  
diddles_mcbean Top Gear Rally 4  
  Top Gear Rally 2 5  
themisfit138 Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue! 1.5  
Galdius Transformers Beast Wars: Transmetals 2  
  Triple Play 2000 4  
  Turok 2: Seeds of Evil 3.5 Complete on at least Normal difficulty
  Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion 4.5  
  Turok: Dinosaur Hunter 2.5  
  Turok: Rage Wars 4.5 Complete
  Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding 3.5 Place 1st in every race in the Twisted event to see credits
  V-Rally Edition 99 4.5  
LHCGreg Vigilante 8 2.5 Complete the game with every character, including unlockable characters
  Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense 4.5 Complete the game with every character, including unlockable characters
Splain Virtual Chess 64 2 Defeat the computer once on any difficulty without switching sides or cheating
Jeevan Virtual Pool 64 3 Win a tournament
  Waialae Country Club: True Golf Classics 4 Win a Tournament to see the credits
themisfit138 War Gods 3 Complete the game at least on Normal to see the credits
Red Wave Race 64 1 Place 1st, any difficulty
Galdius Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey 4 See "sports games" above
Tantalus Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey '98 4.5 See "sports games" above
Jeevan WCW Backstage Assault 3 Win the belt for each of the 3 difficulty levels
themisfit138 WCW Mayhem 3.5 Complete the story mode
  WCW Nitro 3.5  
themisfit138 WCW vs nWo: World Tour 2 Anything that gives you credits
themisfit138 WCW/nWo Revenge 1 Win all 5 titles
Jeevan Wetrix 2.5 Beat the default high score
Galdius Wheel of Fortune 1 Any difficulty or length. Qualify for and win the final solo round to see the credits.
  WinBack: Covert Operations 3  
  Wipeout 64 4  
Galdius World Cup 98 3 Win the World Cup
  World Driver Championship 3.5  
  Worms Armageddon 4  
themisfit138 WWF Attitude 4 Win all three belts in story mode and do the title defenses
  WWF No Mercy 2  
themisfit138 WWF War Zone 3.5 Complete the story mode
LeatherRebel5150 WWF Wrestlemania 2000 1.5 Complete Road to Wrestlemania
Galdius Xena Warrior Princess: Talisman of Fate 2 Complete
themisfit138 Yoshi's Story 1 Complete 1 playthrough, any path
JPN exclusives COMPLETED:
Beaten by Title Pts  
Red Ucchannanchan no Hono no Challenger: Denryū Iraira Bo 2.5  
LHCGreg Shiren the Wanderer 2.5  


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Editorials Team · Posted


User Points Games
Jeevan 87 33
Galdius 68 28
themisfit138 57.5 20
Splain 42 17
McBryce 39.5 19
Redmond 39 13
Nugfish 33.5 10
ZeldaFan042 26 9
Tantalus 20 7
Matchbook 16.5 5
Gloves 11 4
diddles_mcbean 7 2
Brickman 6 3
LeatherRebel5150 10 4
Blink 4 1
nesmaster14 3.5 1
Philosoraptor 3.5 1
PuppyWaffles 3.5 2
Red 3.5 2
Gaia Gensouki 3 1
RegularGuyGamer 3 1
TDIRunner 3 1
LHCGreg 5 2
OptOut 2.5 1
RH 2.5 1
MagusSmurf 2 1
KokiriChild 1.5 1
MegaMan52 1 1


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