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New Subscriber subforum, a feature, and forum icons


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First off, I'd like to point out some sweet new icons that we've put up on the forums. You should now see that each section of VGS is represented by a specific character - we've been working on bringing more character to the site, and in this very literal instance that comes in the form of these icons to liven the place up!




The icons:



If you've been to the main landing page of the site (https://videogamesage.com/) you'll already have been introduced to these friendly folks:



They're intended to represent the pillars of the community - playing, collecting, making, and commerce. Pretty cool stuff. PRETTY. COOL. STUFF.



Cool stuff on the horizon:

"Gloves", I hear you asking - "Why are you always pushing subscriptions in like, all your posts?". 

I ask me that a lot, too. We're doing fine I swear. That said, with more funds comes more and better tools for the community, and eventually the opportunity to fund cool projects, have a presence at conventions, stuff like that. Pins and stuff, too (hint hint) - https://www.videogamesage.com/forums/topic/9604-new-storefront-offerings/


And other stuff. Stuff I can't tell you about yet. COOL STUFF. Probably.


New subforum:

Most reading this probably already know that you can subscribe, but maybe you're not aware of the benefits. There's the Subscription page itself which nicely outline the benefits and everything, but it's a liiiiittle hidden (or you don't like to click around - blame the user, I always say). To give a bit more easy access to clarity and also provide a section where you can ask questions and make suggestions, we've added a Subscriber Section subforum where you can... do those things. Check it out:



New feature:

There's a new feature in Beta right now which all users will eventually get access to, but is currently only available to Subscribers: 

  • You can now view who has posted in a thread, and how many posts each user has in that thread


By clicking on the number of replies next to a thread, you will be presented with a modal window which outlines these details. Very handy if you, for instance, want to call someone out for being inactive in a game of Werewolf. Or like... call someone a spammer or something. Am I promoting negative behavior...? Oh god what have I started?



Anyroad, that's all I've got for you today. Is that not enough? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!?

Russell Crowe Gladiator GIF

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Administrator · Posted
22 minutes ago, ThePhleo said:

What no button to filter out someone’s posts in a particular thread? What is this some 1990s angelfire page? Pfft.

(good job I love it, I thank you for not banning me for my lame unfunny jokes)

Actually, full transparency, I considered adding a feature for the mods to allow them to ban a person from a thread. 😛

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