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Midlife crisis checkin in :)

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Hi everyone 

During the initial pandemic nostalgia struck me and I bought back my childhood favorite console. (SNES)
In the meantime I'm slowly (re)building my collection with my favorite carts and got intrigued with exotic carts and versions.
Slowly digesting all the info I can find and hope to learn a lot here 🙂

 Cheers 🙂


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4 hours ago, insr33 said:

thx everyone, .. and nope not rich 😔

Don't eorry about that. Just get what you can appropriately afford and enjoy what you have. I started collecting in 2016 and I legit felt I entered "too late" when I noticed gow prices continued to rise over the 3 years I collected mt complete Game Boy set. Well, prices are way higher now and at this point, I'm glad I got in when I did. Don't get upset about missed opportunities from 3-15 years ago if only you had been colecting then.  The market is what it is, so just set reasonable goals and enjoy the ride.

And welcome!

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