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20 minutes ago, a3quit4s said:

@matthughson - this is a total shot in the dark but LRG hasn’t provided you with any information on when this will ship?

Hey, thanks for reaching out. I don't have great insight into the production side of things, but I did talk to LRG in mid-September and it sounded like they would ship "in the next few weeks", so I think it should be any day now.

I hope it's worth the wait!

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37 minutes ago, a3quit4s said:

Well I’m already stuck on like the fifth level so I’m an idiot lol. Fun game and the LRG physical copy was nicely done. Can’t ask for more than a cart, box, and nice manual for $60. 

edit: it was worth the wait lol

Awesome! So happy to hear you are enjoying it.

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