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So did I stumble on some kind of Troll feature?

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So I'm not normally up at 3am but my sleep schedule is all out of whack since I got covid earlier this week. Im soin my usual perusing of the foruma here and all of a sudden everything ia upside down. Im currently typing this with the text box being upside down. Every page is like this. Is this a little joke that I missed or what's going on?


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Social Team · Posted
2 hours ago, ThePhleo said:

So like...

can we get an awesome award for participating in this event? Everyone who enjoyed the event should get one except for @OptOut...and @The Sage

We could get a charm that is the VGS logo being upside down.  Realistically we should get some generic calendar charm with how many holiday/special events you've participated in like Game Night does.

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