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Hello Video Game Sage

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Hello Video Game Sage. 

My name is Aetius. I joined today.

Someone I spoke to online said this site is a good place for people like me. I am recently retired but worked for a long time in the game industry.

I setup a twitter and archive.org account to share things from my days in the industry. I will try post something once a week to have a schedule. 

If people prefer I can post links to items here also. 

This is the twitter if anyone wants it


And this is the archive.org




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Out of curiosity, can you share what all you did in the gaming industry, or is it something you don't feel comfortable sharing?  Like what era, what developers, etc.  Its really neat to see stuff like this, even tho. it will mostly prolly go over my head if it is technical stuff.  Glad to see you got pointed here.  There are also blogs you can set up on here if you were to so choose to do so.  Anyways, welcome and enjoy your stay!!!!

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