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When is Metroid Prime 4 coming out!?


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4 hours ago, DoctorEncore said:

I'm not sure how well it holds up today due to the controls, but at the time of release, Metroid Prime blew me away. Definitely one of my all-time top ten.

Oh, I have played the first one and got pretty far in it.  Never finished it, though, and the 2nd and 3rd one passed me by as. I was interested in other games at the time.  I have the first on for GameCube.  Definitely one I will have to go back to someday.  My GameCube is mostly used for GameBoy game playing, though, in conjunction with the GameBoy Player.

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I was a dummy and bought a Switch for this game (and Odyssey)... I would guess a release in 2023. I'm all for not rushing a game for a better release, but they shouldn't have announced this in the state it was in. Trying to distance the Switch from the Wii U with this and Bayo 3 and nothing to see since, pandemic or not. 

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