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Bag Milk


Bag Milk  

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  1. 1. Have you drank milk from a bag?

    • Yes, why is this a poll?
    • No, what nonsense is this?
  2. 2. Follow up for those who answered yes.

    • You've only drank bag milk in a school setting
    • You've drank bag milk outside of a school setting
    • I don't belong here....

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Social Team · Posted

When I was living in South Dakota I used to get 5 gallon containers of milk that would sit on your refrigerator shelf - they had a tap on the front which made getting a glass of milk really easy.   One of the few things I miss about that otherwise godforsaken place.  Well that and the drive up beer joint - that was pretty nifty.

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I first experienced bag milk when I went to South America a few years ago.

No matter what country I visited, they all had bagged milk. I had never seen it in my life and found it odd.

By the end of the trip I was converted. I think it some how tasted better too haha. But that could just have come down to South America having better quality food.

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