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Eddie Van Halen died


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This is a big one for me being a big VH fan. My mother was as well. She told me she nearly cried when she heard. Which I found strange since I've never been THAT upset over the death of basically a celebrity. But after some thought I think it more has to do with a piece of her childhood/teen years disappearing. Either way was a tough one to hear for my family

Edit: Let's not forget that VH brought peace to the middle east!


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Yeah this one hit me for some reason.  Usually don't care too much about celebs passing.  Eddie just seemed like a little kid having fun and was such a nice guy.  And VH was the face of a generation, that's for sure.  This and Bowie really got me.  Love their music so I guess it boils down to that.  R.I.P. Eddie.

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Yeah, definitely a piece of my childhood and teenage musics listening years taking a big hit yesterday.  I was obsessed with Van Halen for about a year or two during my teens.

The other recent ones that really hit me were Eddie Money, Prince, and, Ric Ocasek.  Not to mention Michael Jackson all those years ago.

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