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Hi there! (+ pic of small collection)

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I'm new to this site and actually not a member of any other community of the sort. I heard that NA was nice, and that VGS is the heir, so I decided to join 馃檪

I'm also new to "collecting" video games (as an adult). Like many others, the coronavirus lockdown was the catalyst for me to return to my old games. I wrote "collecting" with quotes because I find it hard to call myself a collector. I mainly enjoy playing original games on the original hardware. But then, I also want the physical copies to have nice labels and stuff, so maybe that is a collecting mentality? I dunno, and who cares...

Anyway, here is my current very small collection:


The stuff on right are what I owned back in the day. The stuff on the left I bought during the last couple of months. I used to own pokemon silver, as well as red and yellow, but as many other of my old GB games, I couldn't find them at my parents house. I also couldn't find my lime green GBC. The GBP I didn't own back in the day, but I bought because I wanted to see how it feels to play games on it (in my opinion, the screen is better!) and it also came with some games that I wanted. My old arctic GBA is not in the best condition unfortunately (the buttons are making life hard), but I'll probably buy another one when I'll want to play GBA games, because right now I'm pretty satisfied with GB/C games.

I also own an N64 of course (what use is there for the games without it after all?), and some early 2000's nintendo power magazines. There is also a gamecube and a wii at my parents house, but I live in a tiny one room apartment so it'll stay at their place for now. I didn't really play the wii because we got it at 2008 right when I finished high school and I wasn't living at my parents house anymore. I remember only playing virtual console NES stuff when I was visiting them (as you can also see from聽 the fact that 4 out of 6 of my GBA games are remakes, even at high school I preferred games from before I was born, or at least before I could walk).

Its a bit hard to get games because the market for retro games in my country is very small. Also, the N64 in which I'm currently interested was never officially released here (so I felt very special owning it as a kid!).

I used to have many more GB/C/A games which I don't recall selling so I have no idea what happened to them. I also had more N64 games which I sold ten years ago like an idiot. I actually tried to sell everything, thanks god I wasn't successful. Especially, thanks god no one in 2010 wanted to buy paper mario and ogre battle - paper mario was by far my favorite N64 games and I would have never been able to afford it today. I think I'll never sell a game again.

Buying the "new" N64 games (sf64 and diddy racing) was the best experience of my last year. Since there was no official import of nintendo home consoles to my country back in the day, all the stuff me and my brother got were once a year when my father visited the US and came back. I think that he bought us a gamcube only when there were no more N64 games for sale at the big retailers (we were very late adopters, we got the N64 at 2001 iirc). Anyway, I didn't have this excitement of putting a new game into my N64 for so many years, so it was amazing!

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  • The title was changed to Hi there! (+ pic of small collection)

Well, thank you everyone!

2 hours ago, Jfreakofkorn said:

Nice start and welcome to the forum . . . .聽

Noticed that you have plenty of gameboy game(s) . Is it someyou happen to come across or collect ?

Have some laying around that doesnt get any love and might consider parting way(s) with them . . . .聽

Yes, I'm currently intereted in GB/C games and N64 games. Do you mean that you are looking to get rid of some of yours? Anyway, sent a pm.

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