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FROM BELOW - New NES Homebrew! [Complete]


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From Below is coming to the Game Boy!

For the last few months I've been working on a "little" side project: porting From Below from the NES to the Game Boy. I'm using GBDK and ZGB, two Game Boy libraries written in C that allow me to reused a lot of the code I wrote for the NES on the Game Boy.



2-Players can go head-to-head in the all new Versus mode. Connect two systems together with the Nintendo Game Link Cable, and play any of the 3 modes. 

Clearing lines sends "garbage blocks" to the other player, while the Kraken continues it's onslaught from below.

Multiplayer requires 2 carts to play, but will work with flashcarts like the EverDrive, and supports play between different types of systems. 

For example one player can be on a Game Boy Color while a second player is connected from the Super Game Boy 2.


All Systems Go

From Below Pocket supports all Game Boy platforms on one "DX" cart: Original/Pocket, Game Boy Color, and even Super Game Boy. 


All versions have remastered graphics to take full advantage of the change from NES to Game Boy.

The Game Boy Color version is in full color, and the Super Game Boy version decked out with a custom palette and custom border. 

This combination of features is something not often seen even in the license era.

Release Date

The release date has not yet been decided, but the game is very close to completion, with a beta likely starting in Spring 2022 and hopefully will see a Summer 2022 release.

Currently I'm is considering a re-release of the NES version of From Below to go along with this new version.

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