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2 hours ago, BDSMNINTENDODOM said:

goose ejected and didn't make it....

Wait, are you saying Goose ejected out of a Top Gun cartridge and into this copy of Captain Skyhawk and has been hidden as an unlockable Easter egg that can only be accessed by spelling out Anthony Edwards in Morse code? Because that's quite a claim and I don't believe it.

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23 hours ago, a3quit4s said:

Just got this one today. Never saw this Blockbuster shield thing. 



I've got a few of those.  It's better than the other style they used on N64 games, and much better than the branding iron they used on SNES carts.  I wonder how many ex-Blockbuster employees are walking around with this etched into their butts as a result of some sort of stoner dare:



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