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Offroad, open-terrain, need for speed, or just the casual - Show us your ride!


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Hey guys. So curious to see what everyone is riding in their time. Anything goes! If you prefer not to post a picture, that is totally fine.


I'm a huge Jeeper and here is my daily Venom, based from Spider-man.

I also do have two other convertible cars that I drive from time to time when I want that fast life. I will be replace one of them for a 2 door Jeep in the future.


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1 hour ago, jonebone said:

Nice, and a Virginian!  Don't you guys have to pay high personal property taxes on cars?  I wouldn't own a nice car in that state either. 

Lol.   Nice stab..   Yea the joys of a Commonwealth..   Was quite expensive the first few years,  only payed 400 something this year.  

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On 10/23/2019 at 9:56 PM, ALTQQ said:

I drive the Rumble bee.

On occasion I drive boring vehicles like my work van or a 2010 Honda civic.








WHOA now that is awesome!


Love the rides everyone. Keep them coming!

I've always wanted to get a speedbike. That's on my bucketlist.

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On 10/28/2019 at 8:09 PM, TheBiRD said:

Crashed me Corolla 2008 yesterday. Still at the hospital right now waiting for a doctor. Welcome to Canadian free hospital services - more that 9hours waiting to see a doctor.

(and no its not a destruction derby)

Damn! Hope you're alright.

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