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  1. Became good friends with a couple people down in my area from NA @Oishii san & @Penguin. Also have drank some beers with @diddles_mcbean at Magfest a few years back. Hope to do it again in a few months. And swapped quick pleasantries with the likes of @K3VBOT, @Ferris Bueller, and @KHAN Games at Magfest various years as well.
  2. I felt sad that I cringed when I heard you mention a standup. I hate being reminded of mine when I'm not at work. And that made me laugh. Also, I'm 37 and never was taught 2 spaces either. I actually worked with a company full of copywriters and learned the hard way all the ways to screw up Grammer. (BTW as you can see none of it stuck) Never once did they mention it either. One space all the way.
  3. Just nuts man. I was discussing the old bounty post a few months ago and was wondering if anything came out of your search. What's your total count for original nes box art up to now?
  4. Haha, I also suggest if you want your significant other to feel better about your situation, have them watch the "The Bits of Yesterday" documentary with you. My wife felt a lot better about the whole situation after that. Did a lot of, "oh I guess you aren't a random crazy person". I also remember her pointing out that Dain looked like the most normal guy ever.
  5. Such a good game, I've def never been good at it. I did get to see Mark Cerny do a classic game postmortem live at GDC some years back. Was amazing to listen to the process of a game like that back then. If anyone is interested you can view it the talk here: Also, thats a big-ass video embed
  6. I just got my copy of Celeste yesterday, great stuff so far. Their stuff takes longer because they do open pre-orders. It was faster before they started doing it. I'm def much happier that open pre-orders are a thing, since I've been able to get a copy of every game i've wanted from them.
  7. I vaguely remember that Thimbleweed was for sale again through another site. I can't remember which one though.
  8. I recently picked up Black Sigil from my local thrift store. It was CIB and was super suprised at how much it goes for online. Glad to hear its a great game.
  9. Man, I must be in the minority here but I think the packaging is atrocious. Even if they were at a more affordable price I wouldn't want either of those boxes on my shelf.
  10. Dressing up as a Paw Patrol character and going trick or treating with my wife and daughters.
  11. Finally got my LRG copy of Celeste delivered today, so I'm a few chapters into that now. So far, i'm really enjoying it. Usually twitch games burn me out quick, but I think this one might keep me playing it throughout.
  12. I've been going for the past 5 years. Demoed my Indie game there last year in the awesome indie game section. I should hear back by early next week if the game got accepted again, if it does i'll be booking my flights right away. Yeah, while the marketplace leaves a lot to be desired, the rest of the con is top notch.
  13. Yeah, mine calls it hoarding as well. But since I moved into the garage she doesn't see it as much anymore.
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