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Hello! I have been playing video games since the late '80s but really only got into collecting back in October 2016.  In the first couple years, I would browse the NA forums to gather knowledge and get ideas on what to look for (I saw archive photos of @RpgCollector 's Gameboy box variant set - possibly the most insane thing I've ever seen on the internet...and his CIB GBC set was almost as amazing), but never posted because my collection was so basic and the games I did have were packed away in boxes...But three and a half years later, I have finally decided to join the community after being pushed over the edge by reading @thatgamernerd's work on the Dexter's Lab/Powerpuff Girls GBA Box Variant! - I knew it existed, but had never seen one!

I started out probably like most people, picking up naked SNES carts off eBay that I had when I was a kid...It was 2016, so NES and CIB SNES were already crazy expensive, so I moved to N64 - I had sold all my N64 games in 2002, but Gamestop wouldn't pay me extra for the boxes/manuals so I kept them - There were some real gems in there too - Harvest Moon 64, Ogre Batte 64, CBFD, Paper Mario, all the Mario Party's, so it was an easy way to get some CIBs without spending CIB money...plus N64 games were still relatively cheap.  Then after I saw those complete Gameboy/Gameboy Color sets, I had to start putting together a handheld collection...and I started with GBA (A Super Nintendo in your hands!) - Back then, most of the games could be had NIB for peanuts and although my original plan was not to go for a "full set", once you've acquired the first 11 Yugioh! games (only 2 left!) and the first 8 Megaman Battle Network games (Only 2 left!), it is really hard to stop...

Over the last couple years, I've morphed into mostly a CIB collector...I have carts/discs left over from my humble beginnings, but now I try to pick up worn out/average CIB copies of games I want to play, along with the constant search to complete my N64 (I'm approaching 200 CIB) and GBA sets (900+ now!)  I plan on posting a WTB/WTTF this weekend for some GBA "Ultra-rares", and I will list some of the stuff I have for trade (Spoiler Alert: It's predominantly GBA games).

I am looking forward to gaining some knowledge, sharing some knowledge, and trading some games with you all!

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