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North American NES Launch Set


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Here is the complete 122 piece North American Nintendo Entertainment System as it was launched on October 18th, 1985:


  1. NES Control Deck
  2. NES AC adapter
  3. NES RF switch
  4. NES A/V cable
  5. 2 NES controllers
  6. NES Zapper
  7. Robotic Operating Buddy
  8. Robotic Operating Buddy filter glasses
  9. Left gyro hand
  10. Right gyro hand
  11. 2 gyros
  12. Gyro holder
  13. Gyro spinner
  14. Gyro tray
  15. 300/75Ω converter
  16. 75/300Ω converter
  17. NES Deluxe Set instruction manual
  18. NES Nintendo Seal of Quality insert
  19. NES Warranty Information
  20. Robotic Operating Buddy filter glasses instruction sheet
  21. NES manual bag
  22. NES Deluxe Set box
  23. NES Deluxe Set Styrofoam insert


  1. 10-Yard Fight CIB
  2. Baseball CIB
  3. Clu Clu Land CIB
  4. Duck Hunt CIB
  5. Excitebike CIB
  6. Golf CIB
  7. Gyromite game pak with sleeve, box, Styrofoam insert and instruction booklet
  8. Hogan's Alley CIB
  9. Ice Climber CIB
  10. Kung Fu CIB
  11. Pinball CIB
  12. Soccer CIB
  13. Stack-Up CIB (17 pcs.)
  14. Super Mario Bros. CIB
  15. Tennis CIB
  16. Wild Gunman CIB
  17. Wrecking Crew CIB
Edited by Mario_Friend1982
Removed Mach Rider, Setup poster, R.O.B. poster and Consumer Information and Precautions booklet.
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8 hours ago, themisfit138 said:

No real proof that Super Mario is a North American launch title. 

You mean the fact that someone uploaded a picture of a 72 pin board with date codes printed in the 39th week of 1985 (Sept 23 - 29th) isn't really that much proof that it WASN'T ready almost a month later?  I think if anything its harder to argue it WASN'T part of the set.  Although I would agree its certainly possible not many were printed but I would say it was available on Oct 18 but in limited quantities.  

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was super mario bros. on the poster that came with the deluxe set ? ( after research i see that it was ) If i recall super mario was available sometime in the spring or summer after launch which was why it was packed in with the action sets not the deluxe sets.... Please someone correct me if im wrong this is all off the top of the head


Im also pretty sure there werent any SMB guidebooks at launch either that would have been something marketed after the system took off . 

Edited by TWarwick07
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