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Favorite North American Game Boy launch game

Favorite North American Game Boy launch game  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite North American Game Boy launch game?

    • Alleyway
    • Baseball
    • Super Mario Land
    • Tennis
    • Tetris

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^I'm with him.

I voted Tetris too, pained me, but the reality of it all set in.

Super Mario Land has been a fun game I could beat from day one, and it takes under an hour so it's an awesome time and time again classic to easily go to and get some results for a fun run of accomplishment.  It's the king of the short game with an end to it.

Tetris though, let's be real, it never ends, you can only get better or perhaps peak and start to suck more as time goes along if you apply yourself far less.  Up until Mario Golf on GBC, it was my go to game, always sat in the system, kept the dust out, and kept me engaged so it was always Tetris +whatever came along with me.  I don't even want to guess at the hours put in, but far far far more than Mario Land.  That's why it wins.

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