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Anyone else remember the cornball c*ck suc*ers thread from 2015


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Oh yeah that is not anything that will be forgotten anytime soon, (for those of us that were there during that time) I was there for some of it but missed the initial meltdown, I made sure to pester whomever to salvage that thread amongst all the other golden ones rather that happened or not I don't know and let us not forget the dipping with sega references that followed we ran for some time. Ah the memories lmao 

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Administrator · Posted
5 hours ago, Link said:

Yes I remember. I’m not really a fan of beating jokes into the ground, but it is usually good times watching a random troll make a complete ass of himself and get shit-talked into oblivion. 

I understand how you feel.  I actually hoped that none of the old infamous threads from NA would be recreated here - and that we make our own new stuff with VGS.  I noticed someone made a joel thread here, which I hope just dies to oblivion 🙂

I'm R E A L L Y glad we did not name the new place purpleganon.com.

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13 minutes ago, Nes Freak said:

yeah i remember it 😛  i bought the cart a few years ago and dumped the rom to play on the go on my 3ds.  i still cant beleive that thread inspired a freaking game lol.  and a good one too.


You know, you would think I would have bought that game since I was so involved lol. Maybe the mystery box I’m starting will have it in there lol.

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