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The obligatory Christmas novelty song thread!


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Events Team · Posted
54 minutes ago, SuperJimtendo said:
1 hour ago, JamesRobot said:

Embed that shit yo!  Ain't nobody clicks on links!

Embed your face within the crotchial region of @Richardhead

Sorry, ya moms already got that position filled. You'll hafta take care of Little Richard. 

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2 hours ago, Tulpa said:

Heh - I drove cars pretty like that (except they were usually Pontiacs) while growing up in Minnesota,,,,,,

That reminds of how I met my college pal Crazy Walter.  It was my freshmen year (so 1970) and a group of us (all freshment) were in the student union getting acquainted and it was raining cats and dogs,  I had no sooner said that I am glad we aren't out in that when another freshman came running in and said this guy just got here and he couldn't get his convertible top up and could we please help.   

Putting our better judgement aside we went outside.  When we got out  to the car we found a rusted out 1960 Impala convertible with New York plates, There were 2 people on the trunk, 2 on each side and 2 (including me) on the hood and two in the front (including Crazy Walter) pulling from the inside.   After several minutes we got it up and as they were putting the lock downs on the top I looked over the roof and saw at least 6 fist size holes that went all the way through the roof.  Which proved to be really  symbolic of Crazy Walter's existence.


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I don't know if you hear much about this anymore (as you can see it goes WAY far back!) but the way Porky Pig does Blue Christmas is really cute 🙂


And while we're on the subject of Mr Hankey's Christmas Classics, check out this one that most definitely was Too Hot For TV!!!


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