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Creating Shipping Labels Through Paypal


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Sorry guys.  I know I'm not selling anything but I think this is worth mentioning and could even be worth putting in a pinned post somewhere.  I'm sure 75% of you are aware of this, but originally I found this link a bit hard to find, even when googling for it.  I think they have a robot.txt setup to avoid spidering the page, or something.  Anyway, linked below is a direct Paypal link for creating a shipping label.  No need to create an invoice for an item or anything.  Just enter the Shipped To address, select the dimensions and type of shipping and it let's you compare rates.

It's a great tool for gauging shipping costs and it makes avoiding the post office a snap!  So, pro-tip, if you're not using this method for getting shipping labels on your items for sale, you should give this a try.  IMHO, it's Paypal's best service.


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I figured it was a tightly-guarded secret, as many sellers would refuse gift / family payments because they didn't think they could print shipping labels at reduced rates without a sale.

Glad to hear that the word is spreading. Receiving packages from VGS buddies and seeing that they paid USPS counter rates is... painful. 

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