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  1. Texas is unprepared because their leadership (guess which side) ignored a 2011 fema report warning about this very thing, and took no action to winterize their energy supplies and production. And now that its happened, deregulated energy producers shut down down rather than paying spiking gas prices, until they were given free pass to gouge their customers for it. They are blaming windmills for this, despite renewable energy overperforming since this started.
  2. People have a right to ask whatever they want for their work. The nesmaker aspect doesnt dictate one way or the other, its just a tool people can buy to enhance their abilities. We as a community have been very fortunate to have many talented people sharing their work freely for a long time. We have a strong homebrew culture been built on that foundation. I dont see it going away. Anyone selling new work at this point is going to have to show up with something impressive. Very few homebrews clear that bar, and I'm betting most nesmaker titles dont either. If anything its likely goi
  3. This is something i forgot about, that official holy diver cart release from a couple years ago. That was bootleg only for a long time if you wanted a nes version. I own a bootleg and famicom original and still bought the nes release. There are several other famicom only games i would pay a reasonable price for a licensed nes release.
  4. I bought my tg16 with an rgb mod already done. It has a genesis model 2 av port added, and i have a hdretrovision component cable i can use with it. It looks great. I dont know what the mods entail as i haven't needed to do it myself. The hdrv sega cables are like $80 iirc because they do rgb>component inline. a bit spendy but they are quality.
  5. cars are an entirely different beast. replacement parts are necessary and expected as cars get damaged and rebuilt. in some cases, like new 1st gen mustang bodies, you can get proper reproductions from original molds, but original appearance isn't generally a concern for non-cosmetics. i think it's the norm there because a non-functional car isn't much good for anything. even still, for collectors, an original survivor can be significantly more desirable and valuable than a restored example.
  6. The closest other instance to this i can recall is when someone on NA (tusk, i think) made up a contra force box "for personal purposes". The title design on the front was intentionally different so that it was immediately obvious when you compared. It still ended up on ebay somehow with no explanation it was not original, and lots of bids. Stuff like this always finds its way into the world and eventually will try to sell it, intentionally or not, without disclosing what it is.
  7. Ohh ill play. Larry: assuming it was done with permission from ip holder, then its just a homebrew. If not, its also a bootleg Frogger: assuming no permission, homebrew and bootleg Pokemon leaf: not familiar, is it done with a license? If so, legitimate release i guess. If not its bootleg. It might be an original creation bootleg, but still bootleg. Rockman x: this is using capcoms rockman ip? With or without license? Do you see where this is going? Tetris: i don't know an obvious term for this other than "infringing". It was done under the assumption they had prope
  8. I can't imagine how the collecting community has gotten along 20+ years having polar viewpoints to yours. Its a wonder we havent all gone broke blindly chasing phantom grails
  9. All the tantrums you've thrown over the years about repros and you're defending this? GTFO Edit: the one auction i found shows up on ebay.com using the listing id, no need to make a new account to report/follow
  10. Counterfeits are always grounds for not as described, so you can get a return based on that. Ebay wont facilitate a partial return afaik. You could try to work that out privately with the seller if you feel its worth it, but if they're not cooperative you'll have to open a cade and return the whole lot.
  11. That sounds like it was directed at me? If you disagree with something i said i would be interested to hear it rather than a passive dig.
  12. Reissue is something done officially, as something can only be properly issued by whoever owns it. Unofficial and reissue are contradictory terms. Those mega mans, street fighter ii, and disney games from recent years as close as we get to reissues as they are all backed by licenses. Even the gold ducktales was done with capcom backing so it would fall into the same group. You can argue the if the colored shells or new artwork disqualify them as reissues but thats basically what Nintendo did with metroid back in the day. This nwc was made in france but its attempting to be a 1:1 american
  13. Anything that isnt copying a source item directly and without rights holder's involvement is a bootleg. So that's famicom only games in a nes cart, vs games on a cart, hacks and translations, etc. "Repro" is the colloquial term for bootlegs in the community, but there is nothing that is truly a repro in our hobby. anything that aims to replicate an original item (quality notwithstanding) would just be a counterfeit, since we're dealing largely with intellectual property. There's a lot of creative things you can do with bootlegs that make them interesting to retro gamers and collect
  14. and happily posted about it at nesdev being pleased with himself http://forums.nesdev.com/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=21857 apparently he has a hidden marker of some kind so it can be distinguished but it looks like it's gonna take closer examination than you can reasonably do online
  15. nes qix missing all sales since last october https://gamevaluenow.com/nintendo-nes/Qix?gameid=505 nes adventure island 3 missing everythigng from january at least https://gamevaluenow.com/nintendo-nes/Adventure-Island-3?gameid=20 nes defender of dynatron city missing all but 1 sale since october https://gamevaluenow.com/nintendo-nes/Defenders-of-Dynatron-City?gameid=174 nes break time nothing since december https://gamevaluenow.com/nintendo-nes/Break-Time-The-National-Pool-Tour?gameid=104 seems like lots of less common nes games not getting record
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