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  1. Id like to see the search improved, specifically click on an autocompleted entry. If there's only one exact match, i want to go right to that entry. Having to click through the list of matches again to get there is annoying.
  2. Excellent thanks. What is the na discount? Ive never purchased from there
  3. I need some snes box protectors and looking on ebay everything is coming from overseas. Are those the best options? Some protectors i've had in the past are too small for some of my snes games. I'd like something that is a known good quality. I would also buy sega cd protectors too if someone has a reference for those.
  4. There is a game boy game that was double dragon here and a kunio game in japan. There was a thing going around a while ago when someone figured out how to get them playing in link mode
  5. not working for me. will keep trying. iirc i signed up around 2001. i bought a 32x in box for $20 as one of my first purchases. it didn't work. i think i still have it and probably know how to fix it now.
  6. #141 not in this group, someone screencapped it and put it on twitter original tweet:
  7. The fitment issue is mostly due to eproms not clearing the mounting posts to keep the board secure. I ignored that for the demo cart and have been testing it bare.
  8. The guy with cases of nes games saved them from a warehouse clearout in the 90s. I saw just yesterday a tweet showing of thousands of NOS mask toys just discovered in chile. Nes games could definitely still be out there.
  9. that is excellent, that is actually the best case donor i settled on and used for my build. yes i've tested pacman and it seems solid. i'd be down to build yours. need to do final checks when i get back. i'll shoot you a dm and we can discuss. i haven't figured out what to do for shells yet. i'm not sure it'll all go nicely back into the fami cart shell. i was looking at some repro shells + converters from aliexpress but haven't ordered yet. what were you thinking? are you playing on an og nes or an avs or something else?
  10. I have successfully built a proof of concept cart. this is not an easy repro. see pics here (i've been out of town since shortly after this, so checking my high scores are still intact is my last test when i get home) No. donors for this game are a huge hurdle. only some of the games using this chip are known to have chips that can be pulled and replaced. i've found none of those that also have ram (required) and the battery circuit (to save high scores, optional), so you're hacking in one or the other. beyond that, basically every possible donor also was produced
  11. i was gonna make a joke about being surprised that "stop murdering black people" was not a universal position but at this point it's pretty clear you're right
  12. Exactly. Most people dont look past what immediately benefits them and are fortunate enough to never have that kind of burden early on. But the younger generations seem to understand this better than the boomers, hopefully there will be real progress towards it in the next couple decades.
  13. It would be paid for by taxes, which would average out to less than people currently pay for health insurance premiums. But most people don't understand they're being raked over the coals by private insurance companies, while still being at risk of going bankrupt if something bad happens to them. My job pays 100% of my premium and I'm still in favor of m4a because cancer or even a car wreck could be enough to wipe me out.
  14. Are these the guys that did street fighter and mega man? Cant keep track of all the companies putting out retro releases now
  15. wtb: famicom namco 163 games - specific carts View Listing howdy, I'm looking for namco 163 carts, but specifically carts with ICs and not globtop roms. I haven't found a way to distinguish carts visually, but they can be identified by weight.here's a potential list:short carts:Dokuganryuu MasamuneHydlide 3: Yami Kara no HoumonshaKaijuu Monogatari ** known to exist with ICKing of KingsMindseekerSangokushi: Chuugen no Hashathese should weigh 60g+. any less than 60g (probably less than 55g) are most likely globtopstall carts:Battle FleetFamista '90 ** known t
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