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  1. Havent heard much about dreamcast bootlegs being an issue. That's the closest example to ps2. There are some high end pce-cd repros that are nearly indistinguishable from legit copies. I would be very wary entering that market. Sega CD has had some notable attempts, but ive never seen one in person. Real SCD also have an identifier on the inner ring that's doesnt get duplicated.
  2. How do you piggyback chips? Is it literally sitting one on top of the other so the legs touch?
  3. last day bump. that wii 2 pack is currently sitting at $5.50 so lots of room for a good deal on that one
  4. Anyone have an idea on this? According to description its blue top and bottom, rather than gray bottom like Japanese consoles. I think i saw somewhere online it was sold as a retailer exclusive, but no proof i could find. Comes with the box, blue controller and vmu.
  5. It works on snes and sega platforms. Couldn't speak for ps1, does the ps1 have the same phone jack port on the player 1 gun the others do?
  6. fury road is amazing, 10 from me. i saw the trailer completely by surprise, the one where they drive into the sandstorm and was blown away. one of the few movies i made a point to see in the theater. i remember like 20 minutes in when the action finally breaks i let out a breath of relief like i'd been holding it the entire time. the video game that came out around the same time is a very good adaptation of the universe. it's not the movie storyline, but closely related, maybe a pseudo prequel. the scope of the wasteland is impressive. the road warrior also holds up very well after 40 years (better than i remember even), recommend everyone check that out if you like fury road.
  7. howdy, I have things on ebay. open auction, no reserve. if anyone here here is international and wants to bid just shoot me a message. thanks all listings: https://www.ebay.com/sch/segacdbackup/m.html N64 dk64 banana bunch controller https://www.ebay.com/itm/224064032559 XBOX Futurama https://www.ebay.com/itm/224064026083 XBOX Jet Set Radio Future (standalone, not the combo) https://www.ebay.com/itm/224064025059 XBOX Call of Cthulhu https://www.ebay.com/itm/224064024129 X360 World of Outlaws Sprint Cars https://www.ebay.com/itm/224064023135 thanks for looking!
  8. Ah yeah, tbs not tnt. I was thinking "atlanta braves channel" and blanked on the callsign. @Estilwas right though, only channels to 13 were available. It was a very small town with a local provider, so it was either cable or not, and when the lineup changed it did for everyone. We did need converter boxes after that for the old tvs. Never had uhf service I'm aware of, and im sure i cranked that dial around a few times out of curiosity.
  9. we had hbo but I believe we paid for it. that was the only premium channel available for several years. eventually the cable lineup expanded and cinemax and disney were available, but we didn't subscribe to those. i can actually remember most of the original cable lineup 2-hbo 3-cbs 4-family channel 5-nbc 6-? may have been usa early on 7-tnn (the nashville network) 8-pbs 9-abc 10-? 11-wgn 12-tnt 13-espn later on we got nick, vh1, a&e or amc, and a few others i can't remember. never had mtv so I was deprived of beavis & butt-head growing up, which i consider a travesty. we had fox eventually, but that was notably missing for a long time. i think it ended up on 7, i don't know what happened to tnn
  10. imgur album with pics lots of stuff for lots of systems. contents and condition vary, please refer to album, i don't want to rehost everything here. everything negotiable, will combine shipping. looking for SCD keio flying squadron $65 SNES Knights of the Round $250 N64 DK64 banana controller stick is loose $200 N64 Tom and Jerry in Fist of Furry sealed $140 GC Chibi-Robo! $55 GC Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes $170 GC Pokemon Colosseum bonus disc $140 GC Rally Championship $18 WII The King of Fighters Collection the Orochi Saga $10 WII New U Mind Body Yoga & Pilates Workout $145 WII 2 for 1 Power Pack Kawasaki Jet Ski & Summer Sports 2 Island Sports Party $300 model 2 sega gen/cd combo, with rental case. proper ac adapter, rf, one 3 button controller. cd fuse fixed, may need battery service. will separate case $45 DC Plasma Sword Nightmare of Bilstein $40 DC Power Stone book is cover only, pages go, rental sticker over disc $30 DC Street Fighter Alpha 3 back cover is a reprint $45 DC Grandia II $110 PS1 Lunar 2 Eternal Blue no outer sleeve/art book $110 PS1 Thousand Arms $90 PS1 Persona 2 Eternal Punishment case and bonus disc only $110 PS2 Def Jam Fight for NY $90 PS2 Echo Night Beyond $18 PS2 .hack//GU Vol.1 Rebirth $65 PS2 Mobile Suit Gundam Gundam vs Zeta Gundam $95 PS3 Demon's Souls Deluxe Edition $45 XBOX Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth $135 XBOX Futurama $65 XBOX Jet Set Radio Future $10 XBOX Shenmue II $30 X360 World of Outlaws Sprint Cars
  11. bought a variant cart from me, great buyer!
  12. For retail games that works if the console is registered as the home console. However you can only have a single home ps4, so that limits what he could do with his new pro. I can't say whether or not PT follows the home console rule or is immediately available to everyone. Might be a good idea to test before selling- change your home console assignment and add a dummy account to the PT machine and attempt to run under the new account.
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