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  1. I won this, going to pick it up saturday. I have no idea if this was a good deal or not but I feel ok with it given the controller and box are included. I tried pricing against ebay but most of the modules i could find are megadrive units. guess i need to find a laseractive now
  2. Hmm, i may have to look into this. LD bug bit me lately. These are basically guaranteed to need a cap job at this point right?
  3. Some part of this is going to require low level communication with the device thats not going to be in a standard library and will be hard to write in a portable fashion. Choice of language is mostly irrelevant to this. Idk how long that software has been around but .net is no worse a choice than any of those other languages now that the core libraries are officially available for Unix environments. In fact I'd say the baked in UI support puts it ahead of c or c++ for development ease. Does python have standard UI libraries? I would decline to buy anything that required a java app to oper
  4. you seem to have a misunderstanding of several things packed into this post but the short of it is you need an executable to interact with the programmer, executables are OS-dependent, and windows is by far the most popular OS. there likely isn't enough of a demand for them to bother with software for other OS.
  5. I have a coleco gemini and like it over the atari versions. Smaller, switches and ports are in better positions. Controllers are better too. RF is decent in it. I'd like to get a composite video mod but i don't know what's available for it.
  6. Apple products are generally more secure than windows machines. Even so, you should have some sort of AV. I dont know if mac os has a good default or not but most 3rd party options on windows are basically malware themselves. If you're going to run windows in a vm or dual boot or however it works now, windows' built in AV is solid. Get a good browser like firefox and an adblocker plugin- ublock plus is the gold standard. This is essential, web ads are a significant attack vector for modern environments. Beyond that, being smart is your best defense. Dont click links in unsolicited m
  7. MMC5 is also super flexible with banking, there are no fixed banks that other advanced mappers have. Without looking at the rom I'd bet that figures in. Mmc3 has two fixed banks that both smb2/3 would expect to use themselves. That's less of an issue if you can swap banks with no restrictions.
  8. Stock Mmc3 supports a max of 512K prg and 256K chr. A 1MB rom would be too much data, even if you broke it down to prg/chr chunks. MMC5 can do 1MB of each. Metal slader glory uses all of that iirc, or at least the translation does. Theoretically you can have any max size you want, if you can design a mapper to support it. That ff7 demake is 2MB i think, on a custom mapper. What ends up being practical is a different story.
  9. the altera chip is a cpld, a programmable logic chip like an fpga but less complex. i'm guessing that's implementing whatever subset of mmc5 functionality is needed to run the rom. (it can't do the whole feature set on its own) the top left chip looks like flash rom. the 628512 bottom right is a 512K ram chip if i'm googling it right. the 24512 is a 64K ram chip. i would guess the flash rom has all the data, and the 512K ram chip serves as chr. the skinny ram is probably for saves. small chips might be multiplexers, cic clones, ram protection, or whatever.
  10. That sounds expensive and probably overkill for all but the most valuable collection pieces. The stuff im thinking of you can buy rolls of from like home depot and cut to fit windows. Its probably not preservation grade but good enough for most collection stuff.
  11. This has been a concern in the back of my mind for a while. Most of my stuff is stored away from light right now, but eventually i want it in shelves. You can get uv blocking film to apply to glass, so that's my general plan, shelves with glass/plexi doors and uv film.
  12. The indiana pedigree is the first video game collection i would accept as a legitimate in line with what the term implies in other mediums. It'd be interesting to know what titles were in there- potential for some big surprises. That guy who originally purchased that sticker sealed smb and kept it forever wouldve been another candidate with his games but that ship sailed before grading games was an option. The carolina collection thing was insulting although i dont know who gets the ultimate blame for that. Are those games labeled as such by wata?
  13. Since its topical, here's a current project. Bought this EVO off ebay non working and its pretty obvious why. There's no saving that board. Roms look fine (untested) so they're moving to a Troy aikman board. Its a different rev but the evo cart is pretty well beat already, decent filler copy but not a prize. Actual carts released with this same evo board are pretty sparse. Theres a $10 super fami game that would have worked if i really needed it. Anyway ive got the chips off both boards and its just a matter of soldering them down now, then testing.
  14. i've done lots of repairs of various types. labels- i've glued several, nothing terribly expensive. most of them have been in terrible shape to start so it was mostly a matter of keeping things from getting totally destroyed. i bought some non-wrinkling glue from a hobby shop and use it sparingly shells- if you crack or break a chunk off where its visible i think it's reasonable to reinforce or reattach as clean as you can. it'd be extremely difficult to cleanly fix a missing chunk with a piece from a donor shell, but if you can i would be ok with it. i'd still probably not do it on
  15. Texas is unprepared because their leadership (guess which side) ignored a 2011 fema report warning about this very thing, and took no action to winterize their energy supplies and production. And now that its happened, deregulated energy producers shut down down rather than paying spiking gas prices, until they were given free pass to gouge their customers for it. They are blaming windmills for this, despite renewable energy overperforming since this started.
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