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  1. Rob posts over on Pinside every once in a while. I haven't spoken to him in years, but I hung out at his place once with a few other members back in the day (Limbofunk for sure, maybe SNESMaster? It's been a while). He's a good dude.
  2. Unlikely unless it's for a massive payday like his brother with Floyd. The problem is that Jake isn't terrible. He's a decent club boxer and low-level pro. He has no real adult responsibilities, unlimited financial resources, and can train with top pros all day long. Coupled with a reasonably high athletic ceiling and he's going to keep winning if he chooses the right opponents. He'll continue to cherry pick the right fight, each slightly more "credible" than the next (youtuber, pro athlete, pro fighter in Askren) until he creeps his way to a massive circus fight where he has pote
  3. I’m willing to let it go for the right price, but everything else I’m actively just trying to get rid of. Most of it has been collecting dust for a decade.
  4. Bump! Added some stuff, removed sold stuff, started consolidating the first post using Google Photos to increase the number of pictures I can have uploaded. I'll continue to clean it up and add more items this week.
  5. I feel like I missed something. Are they just generating a 1099 at $600 instead of $20k in sales? If you report your income already (including ecommerce sales), does anything change? If that's the case, I don't see the big deal personally. I itemize my deductions and my taxes are complicated, so I don't fuck around with anything. If I ever get audited, all my income has always been reported.
  6. I spoke at length about some of this stuff here: It's a good read.
  7. Bump! EPROMs are sold, one GB dev cart sold, two TKEPROM boards sold, and the DD3 pre-production box has sold. Lots of interest on the Mario & Yoshi, but no concrete offers. I'm reluctantly open to trades for high end NES and SNES stuff, but cash is king. Very willing to work out a deal, and the more you buy the better the deal. Keep those offers coming!
  8. AOROM Paperwork Dated April 22 1991 and has a phone number of 305-932-9651. Can't remember where I got this. Ren and Stimpy Buckaroo$ $400 OBO Working last I checked like 10 years ago. Dev board lot: *** SOLD MARKED*** $125 each OBO Not much else to say. Milon's Secret Castle Famicom $300 OBO Working last I checked, again, many years ago. I think that's it for now. I know I have boxes of other junk, just need to dig it out.
  9. I have a ton of dev stuff I'm looking to unload and I'm open to offers. Matt and I have really shifted our attention toward our families and real estate (just bought another $1,000,000+ multi-family in October) and this shit has been collecting dust for a decade. I'm going to describe everything I can in as much detail as I can. This stuff hasn't been tested in forever and I don't have an NES or an EPROM programmer to do it if I wanted. Take everything at face value. Make a cash offer, please don't ask how much I want. I'm easy to deal with and want this stuff gone. M
  10. Second Moderna shot kicked my ass pretty good. Got it at 8 am yesterday, started feeling crumby around 7 pm. By 10 pm last night, I spiked a fever that topped out at 103 this morning. Aches, chills, the whole deal. Started to turn a corner around 4 pm today. No fever but still feel like garbage. Very happy to be vaccinated, but that wasn't the least bit enjoyable.
  11. I have some stuff still (Mega Man 2 with major text differences being my favorite) and a few dozen loose chips of some nice stuff, but I haven’t actively tracked stuff down in a while. I just bought my 4th multifamily house in Boston, I teach full time, own a small business, and have a daughter who is almost 3, so I don’t really have the time. I sent Frank a few hundred ROMs a while back with some of the stuff I had accumulated with my brother, but haven’t done much since. The Madden proto is/was owned by a member of this forum. They might have bought it from Dream but I can’t remember.
  12. Yeah, I released hundreds of protos over the years. From your list I released for sure: Spy vs Spy 2 Crash and the Boys Ice Challenge (early Ike! Ike! Hockey without translations done yet) Fighting Simulator World Champ Crazyland A bunch not on the list (Chuck Yeager, Kitty's Catch, Hoppin' Mad, USA Bowling, Arcadia VI, others). I owned a bunch of others on the list, but can't remember if I was the one who released the ROM, if it was others, or if it was never released publicly (War on Wheels, Noah's Ark, Super Turrican, Ufouria, one of the many Airballs, many ot
  13. I know there was at least a full box art mock up created for the unreleased Fun House that I owned years back. With it getting that far, I would have assumed there would be at least some formal mention in an ad or magazine, but I can't say for sure. Worth exploring I'd think. Edit: It was a VidPro card. Not sure if that counts enough to make the list.
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