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Cult classic from the Cannon group. Part Ninja movie, part Exorcist, all 80s.

An undersea mining team stumble onto a creature intent on devouring them. "Inspired" by The Thing and Alien.

A TV reporter spreads the news of radioactive monsters, growing in number with every victim.

  • Destroy All Neighbors (2024) @fox selection (requires Shudder / AMC+ subcription)

A struggling rock musician finds himself in a living nightmare when he accidentally kills the neighbor from hell.

Russ Meyer cult classic about three go-go dancers holding a young girl hostage who come up with a scheme to rob an old man living in the desert. 

Tom Selleck is sort of an "animal control" officer, but for malfunctioning robots who must stop Gene Simmons, who is developing killer robots.

A Rock and Roll fable. A gang of bikers kidnaps rock singer Ellen Aim. Her ex-bf, Tom Cody is enlisted to rescue her. (was an inspiration for Final Fight)

Trippy and atmospheric. Was an inspiration for Ridley Scott's Alien.

Roger Corman capitalizes on the popularity of Star Wars. Where James Cameron got his start (and met producing partner, Gale Anne Hurd).

Under cover Corey Haim infiltrates a rollerblade gang pushing drugs in a dystopian future.

Stuart Gordon's stop motion mech fighting movie

A cartoonishly hyper-violent adaptation of a manga, set in a prison. Ridiculous and fun!

 An archaeology professor discovers an ancient crypt which contains living dead corpses.

A shoestring budget gorefest about a sexy homicidal hitchhiker

In the distant year 2000, a dystopian cross country automobile race requires contestants to run down innocent pedestrians for points.

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