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TurboGrafx 16 crack pipe

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Brothers, it has been a few years since i've made a post here on SageAge. Something outrageously funny just happened and felt obliged to share the laughs.

Have since completed my TurboGrafx 16 CIB collection as of Feb 2022, with the last box being Jack Nicklaus Golf. More recently though was the completion of my TurboGrafx 16 CD set, which was completed last month. Started in 2015, so it took awhile to finish. Waited forever to get a half decent price on Super Air Zonk, but boy was I in for a surprise when it came.

Yes, you are looking at that right. That's a f*ing crack pipe. It was at the bottom of my shipping box which went through customs over the border. At first I was very upset with the seller, who claimed to have grabbed the box from outside his post office and had no idea what was inside. But looking back it was pretty funny. Luckily didn't look like it was ever used so I just tossed it and chalked it up as another funny story.

Have a reaction video, just not technologically savy enough to blur out the sellers info.


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2 hours ago, Quaze said:

He included a free crack pipe? Wow, he must've known what you were paying for TG16 games and assumed! 😄

Yeah really 😄 Might as well start up, wouldn't be too crazy compared to the stuff I'm doing for deals these days

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59 minutes ago, xelement5x said:

Dang lucky there was no residue or something.  They might have given you a real hard time on pickup.

Oh man, can't even imagine. Thought as first it was some ploy to get the package returned to the sender.

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