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Name the game!

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Can you name the game from just a partial screenshot?

Whoever guesses it correctly, gets to post the next challenge.

If there are no correct guesses within 24 hours of posting, you can follow up with a hint or a larger portion of the image

If there are still no correct guesses after 48 hours, you have successfully stumped VGS and may post a new challenge or nominate one of the other players to go next.




Challenge #1:




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Well, I tried to search for similar screens.  It looks like a beatemup background, but the angle is off.  Beatemups tend to be tilted as if you're looking down so you can see the street, where this is squared offed.  It's more like a platformer but I can't recall ever seeing store fronts in a platform.

My first thought was maybe Yo! Noid but that wasn't it.

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