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What are your favourite snack treats?


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What are your favourite snack treats from the following categories. I tried to cover everything but if I missed something add it in.  Specific brands and flavours too!

Candy - Gummies, Sours, Hard, Marshmallows, Taffy, Licorice, Gum, Toffee


Chocolate - Bars, Box of Chocolates, Fudge 


Frozen - Popsicles, Ice Cream


Baked - Cookies, Brownies, Cupcakes, Muffins, Donuts 


Potato Chips, Corn Chips, Pretzels, Cheese Puffs 


Drinks - Soda Pop, Iced Tea, Lemon-aid, Juice, Slurpies  

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Editorials Team · Posted

Diabeetus thread

I've decided that chocolate-covered pretzels are my favorite sugar snack. Like those Flipz brand ones.

With soda, variety is key. There's not one soda that I could drink forever, I have to switch around to keep it interesting. But I guess Mountain Dew is my main jam. I usually drink diet but every once in a while I'll try the new flavors with sugar in them.

I prefer cookies over brownies/cake/donuts but pie comes close. Plain ol chocolate chip is best.

I could never really get into potato chips. Eeeeeeevery once in a while I'll eat Cheetos. Regular, not puffs. Those aren't worth the calories.

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I literally call myself "The Snack King" as a joke, haha. Loves me some snacks. Got all sorts of great combo's.... 

To answer to questions, though:

Candy: Gummies, but I don't eat them because of my teeth  😅

Chocolate: Obviously Homemade/candy store Fudge is #1. There was a place I lived near once that made a Vanilla Caramel one. It was two layers of Vanilla fudge with a thick layer of caramel in between. Like a vanilla caramel sandwich. 😋

But now I settle for regular ass chocolate bars. Still decent, though.

Frozen - Ice ream. Mostly anything with Caramel in it, but if you find a place that has MARSHMALLOW topping, then you're set. Not sure why DQ got rid of theirs. They effed up. 

I enjoy Rainbow Sorbet too, though.

Potato Chips.... Vary. I like "regular" potato chips, Kettle Cooked, as well as Nacho Chips. Various brands/flavours depending on what's on sale. 

Fun Snack: Dorito Nachos. Take Doritos (I like Cool Ranch for this) and make nachos with them. Tomatoes, onions, peppers, cheese..... dip into sour cream. Take your nachos to the next level!

Drinks: Right now I'm drinking a ton of Pop. 


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I was gonna try to come up with an answer to all these categories, but it turns out I'm pretty simple: give me a jar of good peanut butter and a spoon and you can keep the rest.  There's a place nearby that makes peanut butter on site from fresh roasted peanuts and nothing else.  No sugar, no preservatives, just peanuts roasted and ground today. Heaven.

I'll wash it down with nice, cool ice water.


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I rarely eat this kind of stuff, but when I do...

Candy: None, I don't care for candy

Chocolate: After Eight, Mint Aero

Frozen: President's Choice 'Loads of Chocolatey Mint Treats' flavour

Baked: Lemon fill donut, mint brownie

Potato Chips: Fire Chip (Tomahawk Chips *First Nations chip company*), low salt Regular Ruffles w/Dill Pickle dip

Drinks: Coke Zero

I'm a bit of a mint fan...>_>


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On 4/16/2023 at 9:00 PM, killerkobra said:

What are your favourite snack treats from the following categories. I tried to cover everything but if I missed something add it in.  Specific brands and flavours too!

Candy: Gummies. man, i just can't get enough of them. i alternate between regular and sour. they're both so delicious! Trolli is the king!

Chocolate: a quick candy bar is my go-to. Mr. Goodbar, Twix, Baby Ruth

Frozen: Ice Cream. i don't eat it much, so when i do i try to pick up either Dippin' Dots or Ben & Jerry's. I'm partial for Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream (it's been awhile, they may not even make this anymore) and Phish Food

Baked: cookies. Either Gingersnap/Molasses or Chocolate Chip.

Potato Chips: Doritos. lately i've been on a Goldfish kick.

Drinks: Mountain Dew. i'm a bit obsessed at trying all of the new flavors. otherwise Dr. Pepper w/cherry.

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um let's see

Candy: maybe Sour Patch Kids. Fun fact: I had a cat who would go absolutely crazy for Twizzlers. 

Chocolate: Snickers

Frozen: birthday cake flavor ice cream

Baked: cookies. Sugar, chocolate chip, butter (which my cat also loved), peanut butter, butterscotch. No raisins!

Chips: ridged sour cream & cheddar potato chips, with a Snickers

Drink: Hawaiian Punch

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yo, jelly beans were crazy this easter. I got starburst, froot loops, and kool aid flavors. The first two are definitely spot on in replicating the particular sugar/flavor combo of their branded items in ways I didn't know were possible with the jelly bean texture. Amazing. I haven't opened the third one yet, and I never really drank Kool Aid, maybe once or twice so I may not recognize it. But I expect it will also be unique.

If you've never read an article about being a food scientist, I recommend it. Kind of fascinating stuff if you're interested in product development, flavor, and especially junk food. Somebody has a job to imagine and then create all those weird flavors of Lay's potato chips, for example. 

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