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I gave in

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After NA died I wasn't gonna join another forum, but after hearing good things about this one, I decided to give in.

I'm an older NES collector from the late 90's (who took 10+ years off between now and then) who has 'old man yells at cloud' opinions on the current state of game collecting.

Probably won't post much. More of a browser. 

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5 minutes ago, Richardhead said:

Welcome. I’d like to hear some of those opinions about the current state of collecting. I probably won’t agree but it’s always nice to hear all opinions on the subject.😜 
Also, do you play games and if so what kind of games do you play?

Thanks. Maybe some other time with the opinions. I just got here and want to settle in first. 

I do play games. I love games far more than I love movies or TV. I would say that if I'm in front of a screen and it's not work-related, 19 times out of 20 I'm playing a game. Although I love and collect retro games, I have definitely 'grown up' (for lack of a better term) with gaming. I love modern games. I just finished The Outer Worlds last night. In general, there isn't a specific type of game I focus on. I go into moods or phases or whatever. Sometimes I want to dive deep into an rpg, sometimes I just want to run around shooting aliens. 

I also work on the fringe of the video games industry. I work in games marketing. Trailers and such. Video games are definitely a passion of mine. 

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