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Hidden Super Nintendo (SNES) in Toy Story 1 Movie


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I was watching toy story 1 about a week or so ago and noticed a SNES in the movie. I looked online and could only find info about a SNES in toy story 2. 

The SNES first shows up at the 3 minute 19 second mark of the movie at the bottom left of the pic below. 


A little bit later you can see it has 2 controllers too.


Anyone else noticed Nintendo products hidden in movies? I thought it was a nice little Easter egg. 

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As cool as that is, I wouldn’t quite consider that an Easter egg. This movie was made and came out during the SNES era and those (or Genesis) were fixtures in many homes with kids. Glad to see it mimicked something familiar though.

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3 hours ago, drxandy said:

Ooo teal instead of purple I can dig it!

Was the controller that rex was using in toy story 2 for the zurg game a SNES style pad? Been a while but that would be cool to tie them together

Looks like it’s not exactly a SNES controller but very similar in style. Red dpad, no L or R buttons, and then the buttons are red, yellow, purple, and teal looking. I think it’s supposed to be a SNES controller since there is a SNES in toy story 2 but maybe they couldn’t copy it 100% for copyright reasons. 


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