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  1. I know it gets noted sometimes on the information label, but not sure if it affects the grading. I have a game in this state as well and am curious if anyone has the actual answer. If I had to guess, I would say that it wouldn't affect the grading because there is no way to assess the damage of the disk (if any) if it is loose. Also, what if the game is already graded and the disk becomes loose afterwards? Does it need to be noted? Or regraded? Even though nothing directly observable has changed? I think grading focuses more on legitimacy of the factory seal and observable condition. Who knows though - I could be way off
  2. I use them for my sealed games and pricier ones. I agree that they are definitely not needed for these types of cases, but I feel more comfortable handling them when they are in a box protector. On the other side of the coin, it sure seems like people are more drawn to the games in protectors when when are on a shelf. Almost like they feel the need to handle it.
  3. Obviously, with the listed criteria, SMB3 just blows everything else out of the water. It's not even a contest. I would be interested in a top 10 list or something though. So many quality titles / franchises.
  4. I don't know if it's a game theory, but Ice Hockey on the NES was way ahead of its time. In the game, if the game is tied after three periods, there is a 2 min 3v3 (1 less player per side). If the game is still tied after this, there is a shootout that goes until there is a winner. When the game was created (1988), NHL games continued playing 5v5 hockey for 20 minute periods until someone scored. Shootouts weren't implemented until 2005 and didn't use less players in overtime until 2015. The IIHF didn't start using the shootout until 1992 and just had ties prior to this. Either way, playing the game is more similar to todays hockey than when it was created 30 years ago.
  5. Was just putting some of my doubles in cases and came across some sealed goodness I stashed away behind them. I thanked my younger self for some decent titles in there lol. (Spyro, Azura's wrath, and Splatterhouse aren't sealed copies unfortunately).
  6. Nothing against VGS, but I've been really missing NA lately. Seems like it's hard to keep up on this site and follow the active topics (maybe I'm just too old or not understanding it right lol). It was incredibly nice to just have a list of active topics to scroll through with people I've known for years. Anywho, I don't blame Dain for selling out. We all will at some point I guess. But I blame him for the fall of NA. I know he put his heart and soul into that site for years and it meant a lot to a lot of us. I guess it couldn't last forever. That said, I'm 100% neutral on Dain. I thank him for what he did for the hobby and for me personally. But I am still upset that NA is no more. I'd welcome him with a lukewarm "meh". (To be fair, I wasn't very active when everything went down. Took me quite some time to even catch on. So maybe I'm off on how things occurred. But this is from my understanding of everything. My feelings can change with new/more information though).
  7. Thrilla's surfari is my number 1, but has been mentioned. Sculptor's Cut and Megaman X3 took me quite some time to find copies that were legit and had nice labels. Can I just say PS1 jewel cases in general? I feel like half if not more of the ones I come across are cracked or the hinges don't work correctly. Especially the 2+ disk cases. Seems like if one little thing moves into the wrong spot or at the wrong time, the case will never be the same.
  8. I wish it was just on the case lol. No, this guy did it on the paper insert. Guess he really didn't like the PS logo. I did a couple trial cleanings on cheaper games and it just made it worse unfortunately. I went through them last night because of this thread and it looks like I only have about 8 to still replace, so not too big of a deal.
  9. Super Mario World was the first one for me. I first played it on vacation when the condo we were in had a brand new SNES set up. I played that game the entire week we were there. Even when I wasn't playing, I was thinking about playing. Diablo II was the next one. That was the first game I would be playing randomly and be completely unaware that I had spent the entire night playing. That was a hard addiction to break and took over a couple years of college. Pokemon Go is the current one. The game is dumb and incredibly flawed, but it's simple and the grind is addictive. The collecting aspect definitely scratches a familiar itch. And it's fun when you run into people randomly that are already familiar with your trainer name.
  10. For cart only (NES, SNES, and N64), I'm pretty picky. I'd rather wait for a good copy to surface than to settle on one I'll want to replace later. The only exception I've made so far was Thrilla's Surfari just because that label seems to always be trash. For my PS2 collection, I did let some games slide just to be place holders, but haven't taken the time to replace them yet. I had one collection I bought where the guy blacked out the PS logo on the spine of the cases with a sharpie. They do annoy me sitting there with visible damage, but I guess not enough to actively replace them yet. Definitely on my list of things to do at some point.
  11. It's been years since I read into anything to do with him so I could be way off base, but wasn't he the one that had a good number of scores that were absolutely unattainable even with tool assisted runs? If so, not sure I would even care to hear his side of the story. Cheaters in gaming are basically on the same level as counterfeiters in collecting imo.
  12. I've only had a handful of games get graded. Never really caught on with me (thankfully I suppose). Mario Galaxy I bought new from a Walmart shelf and sent in just to see what the process was like. Might be the lowest graded copy of that title lol. Pokemon Box I got from an NA member and really wanted to get it encased so I could display it without much worry. Mensa, MK8, and NSMB I had in my collection and thought they were in good enough shape to send in. I honestly can't remember where the .hack games came from - probably eBay randomly? Regardless, judging by my number of silvers, I never really had an eye for sealed game grading.
  13. The NTSC version of FIFA 13 on the PS2 was unverified/unconfirmed for the longest time. I had a bounty on one for over a year until one finally turned up to complete the PS2 set. Even now that it's better known and the flood gates opened up down in Mexico for a while, I think I've still only seen less than 10 legit copies pop up.
  14. Really depends on where you draw the line I suppose. There are a lot of reproductions that were made early on that I would say are collectible for sure like the ### in 1 carts or the Hong Kong carts for NES that seem to have their own following. As far as recently-made reproductions, I don't really see the value of them as a collector. When you start messing with the scarcity of an item, the it severely impacts the collectability. Reproductions completely flip the scarcity factor and imo destroy the collectability aspect. So, collectors in general will always want the original and that is where the demand will be.
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