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Found 7 results

  1. VGD


    Got some free stuff to give away, do so here. PLEASE READ ALL RULES BEFORE POSTING! 1. First and foremost, this program shall not be used for financial benefit by any party involved. That means there's no money changing hands here. Just junk from the trunk. At MOST shipping charges can be agreed upon. 2. There MUST be feedback left for any exchange directly resulting from this program. Build your rep! 3. PLEASE DELETE FREEBIES after an agreement has been established to avoid confusion. 4. To claim an item you MUST QUOTE THE POST WITH "CLAIMED" - NOT via PM. PM's
  2. Hi all, This round is Closed Clearing out some back log of items received over the years in trades and what nots... Rules: Everyone likes rules. 1. You pay for mail cost. (you will email me "The click and ship form" from USPS. all items mail via small flat rate box.) insurance is up to you.... 2. Items will have an expropriation date. 3 Days for this round (If all items are not claimed by the 5rd day the left over will be given as a surprise in the other boxes) 3. Share. As not all items will go to one person. 4. Items are limited to 4 per pers
  3. Good Day All, So recently i was challenged to find a way to give a high priced game away for free. The rules are simple. Come up with an unique idea that will allow the most people to participate in a contest and the winner would receive this game. However they are not allowed to know what the games title was. I first thought of a lottery but that was very lame, then I thought of a high score contest but so 1980's. Maybe a scavenger hunt but there again 1980's. I asking all of you to help with this process. the following is what is see are hurdles or difficult to administer.
  4. First, mods if this isn't allowed please just delete or lock. Sounds too good to be true? Well it's not. All you do is sign up through the link below and deposit $100 into your stock account. You don't even have to buy stocks. Just deposit it. You can move it back to your bank account later. [Link removed] What's in it for you: You get a free stock for making this deposit. I also will give you $10 after your deposit is successful and after you message me saying you did so. You have to go through my referral link though. So you'll get at least $15 free for. Iirc, you can g
  5. Times are tough with corona virus. Everyone wants to make an extra buck, and there are tons and tons of free apps out there saying you can get free money or giftcards by using their app, but which ones are legit, how much money do you actually get, and how long does it take to get your money? I'll talk about a few that actually work. Feel free to post ones you use. And as always, mods, if this isn't allowed, please delete. Webull https://act.webull.com/i/XvDBqbVBNeGJ/iyz/ This is a stock market app. You get at least $14 in free stocks just for depositing $1. Does is sound
  6. Hey everyone, if you want some free stock, yes really free, check this out. Figured I'd throw it out for anyone who is interested. And yes it does work. I got my free Sprint stock and ISBC stock. You can also get entered to win a free iPhone 11. https://act.webull.com/promotion/invitation/share.html?inviteCode=XvDBqbVBNeGJ To get the free stock, open a Webull brokerage account and deposit $1 and you'll get a stock valued between $12-1400. You'll also get (1) free stock valued between $2.5-$250 just for signing up! You can also get $50 for depositing $2000 into an IRA account, an
  7. Hey everyone, passing on the word. You can win a free switch lite through the link below. Contest ends in just 1 day though on November 24th. All you have to do is sign up for a free dailybits gaming e-magazine and you're entered. You can cancel getting the emails whenever. https://wn.nr/mJm4SU And no I'm not affiliated with this company in any way. Just thought you guys might be interested.
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